Ken Salazar calls Sheinbaum “president” and then corrects

The United States ambassador to MexicoKen Salazar, called the Head of Government, claudia sheinbaum, “Chairwoman”but then he clarified that this is what the mayors in the United Stateswhile emphasizing that he does not get involved in Mexican politics.

“No, no, no, I don’t get into that. Sometimes the mayors are called municipal presidents, because in Mexico City there is only one place that is governor, but also mayor, she is chief, I just call her chief, I am not going to get involved in Mexican politics, ” he explained.

The mistake occurred during a joint conference to publicize the mitigation work on the construction of the New Embassy of the United States, in the Irrigación neighborhood; however, it was at the same event that Ambassador Salazar cleared up the confusion.

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When the ambassador was questioned if by calling Sheinbaum “President” he was referring to the 2024 electionsSalazar replied that he does not get involved in the politics of Mexico.

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