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Queen Elizabeth II could be buried with a pair of jewels. PHOTO: AFP

will be held on burial of queen elizabeth ii this Monday, September 19, before the event that has shocked the world, the population has wondered what jewels the queen will be buried with.

Lisa Levinson, Head of Communications for the Natural Diamond Councildeclared before the media that it is very likely that the Queen isabel II do not count with great jewels at his funeral, you are only expected to carry a couple of them.

What will be the jewels with which Elizabeth II will be buried?

Many have speculated what jewels she will carry. Isabel II, nevertheless, Lisa Levison indicated that he would most likely be carrying a “Welsh gold wedding ring and a pair of pearl earrings.”

It stands out that the ring was one of the objects most loved by the queen, which she always wore and had an engraved message that few know today.

For him queen elizabeth ii engagement ring it is expected to pass into the hands of princess anne, It was an object that belonged to the Princess Alice of Battenberg, mother of prince Philip.

It is a ring set in platinum with eleven natural diamonds, a three-carat round diamond and five stones set on each side, as indicated Lisa Levison.

How many jewels does the queen’s collection have?

  • 98 brooches
  • 46 necklaces
  • 34 pairs of earrings
  • 15 rings
  • 14 clocks
  • 5 pendants

It should be mentioned, that queen elizabeth legacy II will be inherited to the next generation of the royal family in United Kingdom.

What jewels and objects will be during Elizabeth II’s stay in Westminster Hall?

Three objects, in addition to the royal standard, are those that are placed in the coffin of the monarch, according to tradition.

  • The Imperial State Crown
  • The Sovereign’s Orb
  • The Sovereign’s Scepter with Cross

What does the British Imperial crown worn by Queen Elizabeth II contain?

Mounted on a gold frame and decorated inside with a purple velvet cap, the imperial crown is decorated with:

  • 2,868 diamonds
  • 17 sapphires
  • 11 emeralds
  • 269 ​​pearls

For its part, the orb and the scepter are made of gold; the orb with 600 precious stones and the scepter with a large diamond of 530 carats.

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