IMSS-Well-being carries out 924% more family medicine consultations


IMSS-Wellness performs 924% more family medicine consultations. Photo: Special

With the advance of IMSS-Wellbeing in states like Nayarit, Tlaxcala Y Colima, there is an increase of up to 924 percent in family medicine consultations; the institute is investing 524 million pesos in rehabilitation of medical units.

The foregoing according to the progress report offered by the general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoe Robledo, during the presidential morning conference. In it he detailed that in Nayarit it has full coverage of doctors specialists and of 97 percent of general practitioners and nursing staff.

have been invested 237 million pesos in infrastructure. It also highlights that the 98.6 percent filled prescriptions and the acquisition of 4 thousand 330 pieces of medical equipment, for a amount of 194 million of weights.

It also presented a new indicator that compares the services offered in the last month prior to the start of the then program IMSS-Wellbeing, with the current average. According to which there was a increase of 1,924 percentin conducting family medicine consultations, going from 341 per month to 6,904.

In specialty consultation They went from 1,884 to 12 thousand 155, an increase of 545 percent. And in surgeries we went from 627 in a month to thousand 594that is, 154 percent more.


In Tlaxcala100 percent of the units were reached, these are 10 hospitals Y 195 health centers. coverage of medical specialist reached the 95 percentand in general practitioners and staff of Nursing with 87 percent of coverage. The rehabilitation of units had a investment of 157 million pesos.


In the case of Colimaalso with 100 percent of doctors specialists Y 74 percent in staff of general medicine and nursing, invested 130 million pesos, for rehabilitation of hospitals. The supply of medicines It’s at 92 percent and 3,606 pieces of medical equipment are in the process of being purchased.

In the case of productivity of Colimathe queries of Family Medicine went from 259 to 2 thousand 91and those of specialty from 4 thousand 387 to 6 thousand 502, an increase of 48 percent. The surgeries went from 389 to 748an increase of 92 percent. and the application of diabetes screening tests It went from 30 tests per month to 642, which is an increase of 6,703 percent.

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