how to get the 15 codes of the new challenge

Qatar 2022

The virtual album already has a new active challenge, although it is somewhat more complicated than the previous ones.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Virtual Album: how to get the 15 codes of the new challenge
Qatar 2022 World Cup Virtual Album: how to get the 15 codes of the new challenge

Like every week, the Qatar 2022 World Cup Virtual Album has been updated with a new challenge that users will have a week to complete and earn their rewards. However, this week the challenge is somewhat more complicated than on previous occasions.

And it is that the new challenge requires that the players introduce promotional codes to get FIFA Asset Cards. These codes can be entered in the Promo Code section that appears in the menu, although you must activate the challenge for all subsequent codes you enter to count towards progress.

Enter 15 Panini or Coca-Cola product codes (0/15)
Reward: All FIFA Asset Cards

There are two big complications when it comes to completing the challenge. On the one hand, it is PANINI has only released eight global codes that can be entered by any user only once, so it still won’t be enough to complete the challenge. By the way, the mentioned codes are the following:

• fifa2022 play
• igotigotneed
• P005018662164
• playfifa2022
• coke
• fake credit
• yourgiftpack

However, The second problem is that if you have already used these codes in your account, you will not be able to use them again and they will not count towards the progress of the challenge.

That is why there is only one way to complete this challenge, and that is introducing single-use promotional codes that appear on the back of physical album figurines and also on some Coca Cola products.

Remember that by completing the challenge you will also receive as a reward a random gold card from slot 10 corresponding to any national team in the album, and that the challenge will be active until next Sunday, September 25.

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