How much would it cost to implement the Hawk Eye in Liga MX? Halftime

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Last weekend there was a huge controversy in the National Classic between America and Chivas, well William Ochoaarcher of the Eagles made a save on the goal line that was not considered a goal by the referees after making use of the VAR.

The action sparked debate about whether it is necessary to implement the technology known as ‘Hawk Eye‘ to resolve tight plays like that, butwhat would be the cost to bring said application to mexican soccer?

This tool is currently used in competitions such as the premier league, Bundesliga, Champions League and in tournaments FIFA as the world Cup.

According to the former referee and today an analyst, Marco Antonio Rodriguezthe cost of the ‘hawk eye‘ would hover around 100 million pesos per season, a price that distances the possibility of seeing it in areas such as the Concacaf either Conmebol.

What is the ‘Hawk Eye’?

It is a tool developed in United Kingdom to solve doubtful actions not only in football, but also in sports like tennis; technology came to football in 2012 with the antecedent of a goal not conceded to England in his party Quarter finals of South Africa 2010 in view of Germany.

It is installed in the goals and consists of a camera series that determine whether a ball completely exceeds the goal linenotifying the referee sending a signal to a device you wear on your wrist.

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