Health benefits of playing golf

we all know what It is beneficial for health to practice sports. At any age and any discipline, they all assure us multiple benefits. From paddle tennis (which is so fashionable) to the more traditional ones such as soccer or basketball, more and more people sign up to practice it by filling the courts.

Specifically, one of the most booming sports in recent months, In addition to paddle tennis, it has been golf. A sport that at first glance may seem simple and designed exclusively for ‘posh’ people, but which is actually practiced by a large part of the population thanks to the number of benefits it provides.

One of the main advantages of golf is that, unlike other sports, it does not require a great physical effort. But, if you need it from other areas such as concentration and aim. It is a sport that can be practiced at any age and is characterized by the ease of socializing with other people Do you know all its benefits? We tell you.

When we think of golf, it is very possible that some people have the image of people walking on a course. The truth is that it is a reality, but it also brings numerous benefits. In a morning of golf you can reach walk between seven and 10 kilometers.

You can burn around 1,200 calories in a morning or afternoon of golf

Furthermore, a study of Dr Andrew Murray of Ediumburg University showed the reality of how practicing it can lengthen life by five years. Its practice was also related to the reduction of the risk of suffering injuries, suffering from diabetes, having cardiovascular diseases or suffering from depression or other psychological disorders. Come on, it helps you in all facets of your life!


Being a sport that is practiced walking, many calories are burned. I know they can burn around 1200 calories in a morning or afternoon game. In addition, it helps maintain a stable weight and prevent obesity with all that it entails (high cholesterol, hypertension). Helps to improve and maintain strong the main muscles of the arms and legs. Also improves flexibility.

Because it is practiced outdoors, it is a very beneficial sport to maintain correct levels of Vitamin D.

One of the main advantages highlighted by experts is the socialization ability What does this sport have? Being a practice that is carried out in groups and where you compete with other people, it has the ability to promote conversation. Finally, promotes concentration.

Because you are the most important…

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