He is the American actor who captivated Irina Baeva, new romance at the door?

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The cancellation of the wedding between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva sparked rumors of separation between the couple, which have not yet been confirmed by either of them, however, they are becoming stronger.

According to what was said a few weeks ago by Angélica Palacios, on her YouTube channel, the breakup would have occurred because he was reunited with his ex-partner, actress Martha Julia, who has declared that she is the love of his life.

After both did a couple of scenes for the telenovela ‘La Madrastra’, Gabriel Soto He would have started to move away from Irina and allegedly asked her to stop the wedding plans.


They affirmed that it was at the request of the Russian that the plans were canceled because she wanted to have her family in Mexico, and for the moment it was impossible for them to travel, however, she traveled to Russia, returned to Mexico for a couple of weeks and stayed he went back to the United States to take an acting course.

Gabriel Soto He was caught with a blonde woman, who was not Irina Baeva. Now, it is said that the famous could give love a new chance and go out with an American actor.


“Irina Baeva went to New York to study theater… and we know the life that is taking place, and that she likes güeros, she likes güeros, that güerito who is very close to Irina is the actor Britt George” Javier Ceriani commented on the ‘Gossip No Like’ program.

And he added: “He is very handsome, and while Gabriel is still very entertaining in his recordings or perhaps seeing if he returns with Martha Julia, and this actor is a little older than Gabriel and we have seen them at several parties.”

Who is the American actor with whom Irina Baeva has been seen?

Britt George is an actor born in Orlando, Florida, on October 17, 197. He is an actor and producer who participated in projects such as ‘True Blood’, ‘Too Close to Home’ and ‘911’.

IG: @iambrittgeorge

According to the hosts of ‘Gossip No Like’, Irina Baeva would have been captured in several meetings very close to the American actor.

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