He got tired of Tano’s bad treatment in the locker room and would say goodbye to America, it’s not Damm

Tano Ortiz and America
Tano Ortiz and America

Despite the fact that in America it seemed that everything was going well at the club at the moment, that is not the case, as they also have a couple of internal problems in the team’s locker room that are giving Baños headaches.

Fernando Ortiz is very close to the title against America and there would be nothing to reproach him for, but it seems that not all the players in the squad are happy and there would be a couple of dissatisfied with Tano in the locker room.

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There is a player who is one of the oldest in the squad who does not agree with Ortiz’s dealings with the team and would be causing his departure from the team in the next transfer market at the end of the year.

Who ordered his departure from America?

The player who requested his departure from America is Oscar Jimenez who has only received the opportunity to play 1 match and despite the fact that he did excellent, Tano sent him to play in the Sub 20, for which he is not happy at all, in addition to the fact that the club would not give him an opportunity before the departure of Memo for what he would look for another team where he can be a starter.

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