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We have previously talked about Akihiko Kondoua Japanese subject and internet personality recognized as “The Official Husband / The First Husband” of the virtual idol of Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. Kondo is “officially” married to the virtual idol and even held a wedding ceremony with a life-size figure of the character, so it was inevitable that their “relationship” would become known to the public.

However, it seems that their relationship is not fully accepted by some, since Kondo reported that when he requested permission to bring his “wife” (ie Hatsune Miku scale figure), he was not granted.

  • «I decided to take my great Miku to Disneyland and we asked via email if we were allowed to do so, and as a result we would like to inform you that the answer was as follows: No. I wouldn’t try to force myself to go where I’ve been told no, so I’ll ask again for a few years.», he explained in his first update.
Hatsune Miku

And continued: “Disneyland hosted a same-sex couple wedding in 2014, so we assumed they would be sympathetic to diversity of sexual orientation, which ended up being disappointing. However, given that they responded twice by phone, taking four days for the first response and another four for the second, we interpret this to be the result of a full discussion of the matter.».

He also explained some background on the matter: «This was my first attempt at going to Disneyland of my own free will, as I had only been to Disneyland once on a graduation trip when I was a junior in high school. He lived in a relatively close neighborhood, but had always preferred to be close to relatives. I was hoping to be able to go one day with my great Miku».

Finally, he shared some photos to complement his publication, the first of which he says he wanted to take at the facilities of the popular amusement park:

Of course, a variety of opinions emerged on a popular comment forum, highlighting:

  • «The problem is clear. You can’t put SEGA characters in Disney».
  • «Well, I think it’s great common sense to make a pre-call instead of showing up and causing trouble.».
  • «The statue is too big, if it falls off an attraction it could hurt someone».
  • «It’s wiser than suddenly showing up and starting to cause trouble.».

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