Habitat Inmobiliaria launches Habitat+ to continue betting on the comprehensive well-being of its employees

Real Estate Habitat has launched Habitat+, a comprehensive program that seeks to enhance the well-being of its employees. Thus, Habitat+ was born as a plan that combines sustainability, training, participation and solidarity through different activities and projects.

“The objective of Habitat+ is to promote the employee, team and company relationship through sports, collaborative and informative activities, in order to strengthen ties and promote habits that result in the well-being of workers” explains Mariam Mayo, Director of Resources Humans of Real Estate Habitat. “Furthermore, it has been shown that health, well-being and pride of belonging are a guarantee of performance, satisfaction and connection to the company by employees”, he adds May.

Gamification in a sustainable key

In this way, to promote sustainability among employees, the promoter is developing the ‘Belong to Sea’ initiativein which, through gamification, it seeks to promote sustainable and responsible habits.

This challenge seeks to promote the joint participation of all employees to virtually free a turtle that has been trapped by sea debris. For it, workers meet weekly with different environmental challenges, which deal with issues such as waste recycling, upcycling, a version of recycling that consists of giving a new and decorative life to everyday objects, or sustainable cooking and what they must overcome to free the animal. It is an entertaining and collaborative commitment that seeks to turn sustainability into a common challenge for all employees.

A ‘master’ in which employees become teachers

Alsothe company is developing the Habitat Chaira training program, so that the employees of the different areas can understand the entire real estate management business, providing a necessary overview.

To do this, it has designed a training program with a total duration of 14 hours with one peculiarity: the teachers will be the employees themselves. In this way, those responsible for the different areas will distribute small pills to the rest of their colleagues with the highlights of his specialty.

The company looks like this a greater integration of the different departments, granting a general vision to all the employees and also allowing the optimization and creation of work synergies.

Collaboration and participation actions

Habitat Inmobiliaria also includes within its Habitat+ plan different actions that combine well-being, health and solidarity.

Thus, for example, the company is collaborating in the solidarity challenge ‘I Take My Steps’ of the GAEM Foundation, that seeks to finance research projects to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. To participate in the campaign, employees must record their steps taken when running, walking or cycling and the company donates the corresponding monetary amount.

The promoter also collaborates with other associations such as the Spanish Association Against Cancer, AECC. Thus, in addition to supporting the mobilizations for fundraising, Habitat Inmobiliaria collaborates in different sporting events such as the sponsorship of the Race Against Cancer or the participation in paddle tennis tournaments and trailraces in the middle of nature, of the association, among other initiatives.

He also collaborates with Enveraan organization with which, in addition to participating in its different tournaments and charity activities, the company has a very close relationship, becoming a supplier that also makes different deliveries for customers.

Diversity and well-being, other keys

For its part, Adecco Foundation is the main social partner of Habitat Inmobiliaria, with whom it works closely on diversity issues. Hand in hand with this association, different activities have been carried out in the company such as the Awareness Days or the Women’s Week, among others.

Likewise, awareness in terms of well-being is key for Habitat real estate. That’s why, The company periodically shares with its employees information of interest regarding health and well-being, with key topics such as the necessary digital disconnection, some rest recommendations, relaxation techniques or tips to control stress.

With the Habitat+ Plan, The promoter seeks to continue promoting the well-being of its employees in matters such as sustainability, solidarity or training.

The company, chaired by Juan María Nin and directed by José Carlos Saz, It currently has around 40 developments and more than 4,000 homes for sale throughout the country.

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