Get ready!… The first cold front of 2022 is coming; would arrive this weekend with freezing temperatures for these states

the season of cold fronts is about to enter National territorythis with the arrival of first front systemwhich will bring freezing temperatures to the mountainous areas of northwestern, central and eastern Mexico, this according tol National Weather Service of the With water.

The likely arrival of cold front will occur at the end of this week, also generating the probability of rainfall mainly in the northeast, west, center, east, south and southeast of the national territory.


The aforementioned cold front will cause a slight decrease in morning temperatures with values ​​of 0 to 5 °C in mountainous areas of Chihuahua, Baja California, Sonora and Durango.

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The United States Climate Prediction Center reported that the cold phase of El Niño, Southern Oscillation known as The girlhas strengthened in recent weeks, presenting anomalies between -1.2 to -0.8°C that indicate weak to moderate intensity, all this coupled with wind in the atmosphere, forecasts that the cold fronts that will reach the national territory will be of greater duration and intensity.


During 2022, the weather conditions have not been as expected, associated with the presence of The girlhighlighting the low tropical activity in the basin of the Atlanticwhere 60 days have passed without cyclones since July 3, contrasting with the northeastern Pacific, where several storms and hurricanes have formed, affecting some of these to the Mexican territory.

Given this scenario, and with the arrival of autumn in our country, it will be marked by the cold fronts with greater intensity than they will generate frigid environment, snowfall and frost in the Mexican territory.

What is a cold front?


The cold front is the front part of a polar air mass, which causes a drop in temperature in the area where it passes.

This is formed when a mass of Cold air collides with a mass of hot air, because being denser, the cold air gets like a wedge under the hot air, which generates movement and causes instability in the atmosphere of that area.

During this phenomenon there are decreases in temperature, frost, intense winds, strong waves, abundant cloudiness and drizzle.


Most of the cold fronts that affect our country originate near the North Pole. After going through the United States of Americacross the national territory, from northwest to southeast and depending on the time of year and its geographical location, can last from three to seven days.

the season of cold fronts in Mexico It goes from September to May, although in our territory its frequency is very variable, as well as its duration, but on average around 58 a year, most of them during the winter season.

In the period from November to March, the fronts cross the Mexican territory on the Isthmus and are called Tehuantepecos, strong winds that cause thermal anomalies in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. When the polar masses cross the Gulf of Mexico, they give rise to the phenomena known as norths.


After the passage of cold front, Most likely, it will rain, the humidity and temperature decrease and the wind blows more strongly from the north to the south, a little later the sky begins to clear but that is when the new mass of cold and dry air settles, which causes a further drop in temperature.

Recommendations against cold fronts

These are the measures that can be taken to avoid the cold:


1- Get vaccinated against influenza before the winter season.

2- Cover nose and mouth, to avoid direct exposure to environmental contaminants.

3- Wear at least three layers of clothing, preferably cotton or wool.


4- Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

5- Use cream to moisturize and protect the skin from the cold.

6- Do not smoke indoors or near children, older adults or sick people.


7- In case of any discomfort, go to the nearest health center.

8- In case of using heaters and/or chimneys, maintain adequate ventilation.

9- Before going to sleep or going out, turn off candles and stoves to avoid a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.


10- If stoves are used to heat rooms, they must be placed in ventilated places and turned off before sleeping.

11- The boiler and gas installations must be outside the home to avoid leaks.

12- Perform maintenance on gas installations to avoid the presence of rust that prevents proper combustion and/or leaks.


13- Check that the flame emitted by the stove or boiler is blue and not red.

14- Keep the kitchen ventilated.

15- Do not leave the vehicle engine running in a closed or semi-closed place.


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