From the pool, Aracely Arámbula raises the temperature in a tight swimsuit

Aracely Arámbula is an actress and singer who has been known for her various participations in soap operas not only in our country but also in Latin America. But, her name became more popular when her romance with Luis Miguel with whom he had his two only children. At 47 years old, she was in charge of showing that age is not an impediment and she showed off her curves through her Instagram posing from the pool, thus taking all eyes on her.

In the last hours it was announced that Aracely Arambula he had ‘hanged’ a fellow cast member in the remake of the telenovela ‘La Madrastra’. Behind the scenes and to show that the castmates have a good relationship with each other, they released a video on social networks, where the actress is seen “hanging” Denia Agalianu who stars as “Paula” in the successful soap opera. While the young woman dances the song “Hey Güera” by Alejandra Guzmán, she is surprised by the main character of “La Madrastra”.

From the year 2005 to the beginning of 2009, Aracely arambula She had a relationship with Luis Miguel, with whom she had two children. However, after the separation, the Sun of Mexico moved away from her minor children and even her ex came to say that she did not pay him support. On the other hand, when the actress suffered the physical loss of her father a few weeks ago, she tried to take refuge in Sol de México, to whom she asked for support, but he did not respond to her messages.

Through his Instagram account, Aracely Arambula He has more than 6 million followers and there he is in charge of showing that at 47 years old he still has an enviable figure. Luis Miguel’s ex fell in love with everyone posing from the pool and wearing a tight swimsuit that caused all his fans to fall in love.

From the pool, Aracely Arámbula fell in love with everyone. Source Instagram @aracelyarambula

Beyond her career as an actress and singer, Aracely Arambula He has confessed his love for dogs and through his Instagram stories, he shares all kinds of content related to these pets. In addition, Luis Miguel’s ex has a separate account to help them. On the other hand, in one of her last posts, she remembered her father on his birthday and posted a photo.

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