even Thalía called her to find out what happened

Exists a video of Yuri that has gone viral. And before you guys say “uh, now what did he say against the LGBTQ+ community?”, he’s not going there (so far).

Its about Tremendous scare that the Mexican singer had in full concert when a cockroach walked on her body. Aaaaay!

Yuri is currently touring different stages with his 'Euforia Tour'.  (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Yuri is currently touring different stages with his ‘Euforia Tour’. (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)

For the celebration of the Independence of Mexico, the interpreter of ‘Maldita primavera’ offered a concert in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. At one point during her presentation, the singer took a tricolor flag to simulate the famous scream… and yes, there was a scream, but not like all the harangues we hear every year from the National Palace.

It is enough to enter TikTok and write the name of the also actress for dozens of videos to appear with her next to the word “cockroach”. We all see the same scene: the insect appears from his shoulder and goes down his chest; when he returns the flag, there is no trace of the “guest” but the assistants who had already seen the animal begin to warn him.

One man even got as close as he could to the stage to tell her he had a cockroach stuck to his outfit..

When Yuri manages to understand what was happening, he screams and brushes the cockroach off with his hand. Finally, he crushes her with a stomp. Already calmer, the singer humorously took the scare that became an embarrassing moment, going viral on social networks and among her friends.

“I appeared in all the news, my artist friends talked to me, even my skinny Thalía told me ‘mana, tell me about the cockroach! And that cockroach came on that flag, and it was around, I saw it, but I didn’t feel it Thank God I had a friend in front of me who told me ‘cockroach!'”, the interpreter told the program Windowing.

And with a triumphant smile, he related how he ended the episode and the possible evil that his detractors sent him: “I killed him; they say out there, they say, that they are envy; I killed her and crushed her”. According to her, at the final moment of the insect she heard how it exploded when the weight of her shoe fell on it.

She has also sworn in various reality He recently spoke out to dismiss rumors about his alleged upcoming retirement from the stage.

In this sense, the singer questioned those who believe in the entertainment press, thus dismissing her withdrawal from the microphones.


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