Elizabeth II and her most beloved brooch for her last photo

    The choice of jewels that she wore to each official act was never a trivial matter for Elizabeth II. Each brooch, necklace, earrings or bracelet that the queen wore was not simply an accessory for her looks, but each one of them had an important meaning, something that we have also seen reflected in the choice of jewelry that the women of the house of Windsor have made these days.

    Just a few hours before her state funeral in London, Buckingham Palace has released an image of the sovereign, the last one she wanted to spread and remain in everyone’s memory. As indicated by the social networks of the royal family, the image was taken this year to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee, when Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to reach this milestone.

    In the photograph you can see the monarch with her inseparable smile and bright blue eyes, wearing a baby blue dress, her iconic three-strand pearl necklace (which Kate Middleton has worn several times in recent days) and a very special brooch for her: the one given to her by her parents, King George VI and his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the Queen Mother), on her 18th birthday.

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    It is a brooch made up of two twin art deco-style pieces made with aquamarines and diamonds that, according to the royal collection, were made by Boucheron. These two pieces can be worn in different ways, for example, creating an oval brooch, but usually the queen has worn them in a staggered way or slightly apart, as independent pieces.

    Since her parents gave her this brooch, in 1944, the queen has worn it at different times of her reign, on most occasions combined with her monochrome blue looks. For example, he wore it to a Thanksgiving service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, to mark the 660th anniversary of the founding of the Order of the Garter and St George’s College, and in 2014 at one of the garden party which was held at Buckingham Palace.

    Isabel II

    Queen Elizabeth II, leaving St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, wearing the aquamarine brooch, in 2008.

    Steve Parsons – PA ImagesGetty Images

    Isabel II

    Elizabeth II in one of the garden party from Buckingham in 2014.

    Andrew Milligan – PA ImagesGetty Images

    A brooch full of meaning that the queen consort Camilla or Kate Middleton will surely inheritwho in recent days have not stopped paying tribute to Elizabeth II through her jewels.

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