Eduardo Videgaray’s family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

  • In 1994, Eduardo Videgaray married Rachel Warrington Blair.
  • Eduardo Videgaray and Rachel Warrington divorced seven years after the wedding; they only separated by civil means.
  • The driver began an affair with Mónica Abín, whom he also married, but unfortunately she passed away in 2017.
  • Eduardo Videgaray announced his commitment to his girlfriend Sofía Rivera Torres in 2020: they married civilly in 2021.
  • Eduardo Videgaray annulled his church marriage with Rachel Warrington Blar to marry Sofía Rivera Torres in 2023.
  • A close friend revealed that Eduardo Videgaray’s family does not approve of marriage to Sofía Rivera Torres.

On June 8, Eduardo Videgaray, 53, announced on his networks that he is ready to marry Sofía Rivera Torres, 29, in the Church, after more than a year of fighting to annul his religious marriage with Rachel Warrington Blair. , 53, his first wife. However, now we learn that not everything is hunky-dory in his life, since a very close friend of the driver’s family revealed to us that many do not want him to marry Sofia.

-What do you know about Eduardo’s upcoming wedding?

That it is costing him a fortune to fulfill his wife’s whim and that the news made very few happy. Neither Eduardo nor Sofía are believers, he himself has said so and she only wants the wedding to show off, put on the white dress and appear on the covers of social magazines and shows because her obsession is fame and money.


“But of course; In addition, she is also obsessed with the indelible memory of Mónica Abín (RIP), Eduardo’s second wife, with whom she has a competition to occupy the important place that she had, both in Lalo’s life and in that of his family and friends”.

-Because what you say?

“I don’t say it, but everyone who knows them. It was very obvious how she got closer to Eduardo since he became a widower. She took advantage of her vulnerability to comfort him and in six months, she had already won him over.”

-Is that what they think?

“That’s how it is. Sofía measured the benefits that this relationship would bring her; he got her to marry her civilly in the middle of the pandemic, and with it, have the right to settle in her house from the first months of 2020, under the pretext of being together ”.

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-What else?

“All the time he spends humiliating him, yelling at him. Publicly, she makes fun of him, she doesn’t call him an ‘old man’, and makes him believe that she is the one doing him the favor of being with him. In addition, in interviews she forces him to declare that she is the love of her life, and the worst thing, that when they are drunk, she makes him scream that, if her wife had not died, he would have married anyway. with her “.

-Is seriously?

“Yes. And he became obsessed with the church wedding, he wouldn’t leave him alone, although it has cost Eduardo a lot of headaches and money. But she emotionally manipulated him.”

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-In what sense?

“Since Eduardo wants to grow his family, and she doesn’t say anything, he told her that they had to get married so that when they had their children, people wouldn’t say they were bastards, and he used his grandmother Lulú (RIP) as an excuse, of wanting to fulfill her dream of seeing her married in white. In addition, she came to impose her will at Eduardo’s house “.

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres


“Already civilly married, he ordered Eduardo to remove all the photos of Mónica in the house. And Eduardo, who is very much in love and blinded by her, tells all of her that he is.”

-You say that his family does not accept her…

“No way. They treat her because they have no other choice, they realize that she has no class, nothing compared to what Monica was, whom they adored and admired. The point is that Sofia is not well at all, imagine being jealous and envying a woman who has already passed away.

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-Of flat they do not want Sofia?

“Nope; It purges them to see how she ridicules Eduardo, as if he were a teenager who lends himself to her jokes on the networks. Eduardo has always been very irreverent, but in his family life he is a gentleman, serious, formal and hard-working, and the image that she makes of him is not good, “he concluded.

We contacted Rachel precisely to find out the details about the annulment of her religious marriage with Eduardo, and although there are things she said she could not reveal to us because she signed a confidentiality document, this is what she told us:

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

Rachel, how did you find out that Eduardo Videgaray had requested the annulment of your marriage to him by the Church?

“In March 2021 I received a letter from the Metropolitan Court of Mexico asking for my testimony on the request for the dissolution of my marriage. They told me that they had sent minutes for review and a series of questions to answer with an auditor.

And what happened?

“In October 2021, I had access to the information that was being sent to the judges of the Catholic Church to make a decision on whether or not the marriage could be annulled. I had to go to Smithfield (Virginia, USA) and sign a confidentiality agreement to review all of Eduardo’s and my witness statements. I must point out that I wrote a letter to the Court to point out several anomalies that I detected”.

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-As which?

“My name was not spelled correctly, and then they sent me the questions and minutes by e-mail in Spanish, so I requested that they do it to my postal address and in my native language so that I could fully understand what they were asking me and respond appropriately. In addition, the translation costs were borne by the applicant, that is, by Eduardo”.

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-And what were your statements?

“Eduardo tells a lot of lies to get what he wants. Among other things, he argued that I did not want to have children when it is one of the reasons for the marriage. He assured that I am not baptized and it was an element to ask for a ecclesiastical divorce, and yes I am and I verified it. He also lied that he graduated from college and said that he has recovered from his cocaine and alcohol abuse, and that he has apologized to the people he has harmed along the way, but he never did to me. ”.

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-Keep going…

“In addition, in the documents they put me as a co-signer of the dissolution lawsuit and that was not the case, I only maintained the position of defendant. He said that I did not belong to a religion, that I am a former Anglican, when I currently attend the Church of Galilee, in Virginia Beach, VA”.

-Did you carry out the process with your own means?

“I asked the Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Court of Mexico to provide me with a lawyer and a solicitor to help me in the process and all the costs would be extended to the applicant (Eduardo). I fought a lot with the Church, I defended myself and I was able to participate with my statements and with my own witnesses. What I can say is that for me being married to him was a nightmare, which, thank God, is behind me.”

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-When did you find out about the Church’s ruling?

“In March 2022, I received a certified letter, through the Diocese of Richmond, of the Church’s decision that it be rescinded. I can’t reveal any more details, but broadly speaking they decided that neither of us could have made the decision to marry in the Church at the time we did.”

Did you have a chance to appeal the decision?

“I had 30 days to respond through my attorney if I appealed or agreed. If I had done so, I had to give my answer to a Catholic diocese outside of CDMX.”

-And what did you do?

“I applied for the 30-day extension, but in the end I didn’t care to do anything anymore.”


“For the simple fact that he had to take responsibility for what he did during our marriage. That was a satisfaction for me. What I don’t think are the lies. I can say that when I was married to him, she never went to church and her fans know perfectly well that she does not speak well of the Church, so why this insistence on dissolving the marriage and remarrying when she is not a believer?

Eduardo Videgaray's family does not want him to marry Sofía Rivera Torres

-Do you have something to say about Sofia?

“About Sofia I can say that it shows that she has little faith in the Church and that she only sees religious marriage as a way to advance her career.”

But it’s all over…

“Yes. Eduardo tried to tarnish my reputation, but in the end the Church found that we both should not have married at that time and he had to take responsibility for his actions for the first time, ”he concluded.

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