Earthquake of September 19: This is how celebrities reacted to the tremor in CDMX

On the afternoon of this Monday, September 19, a strong earthquake shook several entities in the country and celebrities They did not hesitate to share the moments of anguish they experienced, some even showed the exact moment things moved.

According to National Seismological Service (SSN) the telluric movement of magnitude 7.7 It occurred at 1:05 p.m. (central country time) with an epicenter 63 kilometers south of Coalcomán, Michoacanbut activated alerts in other entities such as Colima, Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Mexico City.

Werevertumorro was one of the first influencers to show the exact moment he was surprised by the tremor while recording, the influencer immediately ran to alert your girlfriend and together with their pets they decided to go upstairs to be safe since they were in a high floor.

This like the YouTuber Yoseline Hoffman who mentioned that he had a strong scare and mentioned the coincidence of the day and time with the earthquake that happened in 2017: “And history repeats itself, it’s not a coincidence, this is no accident. The universe is reminding us of something, it wants to remind us. The same day, almost the same hour and the same moment, luckily nothing happened.”

YosStop talks about the coincidence in the dates of the earthquakes. Photo: IG@

Mauricio Mancera He also shared his experience with the earthquake, although true to his style he reported that a squirrel began to follow him down the street and in the midst of fear of the earthquake and fleeing from the animal, he was almost hit by a car.

Arianna Tenorio, Luisito Comunica’s girlfriendshared through his stories on Instagram a series of videos in which he shares his reaction to the drill and later to the earthquake for which he decided to stay on the balcony of his apartment since they were in a last floor.

critics of celebrities

The coincidence at the time and day that the tremor occurred has given rise to talk, because in 2017 just a few hours after the simulacrum that took place there was also a strong movement that claimed the lives of dozens of people in the country’s capital and other regions.

Although some celebrities joked about it and pointed out that the drill could be responsible for attracting earthquakes, something that earned them a barrage of criticism from Internet users who pointed out in the importance of prevention and that taking the directions seriously would save lives.

“I differ, because of this type of comment people stop being responsible and kind in tragic situations, My mother panics because she was locked up in 1985 and thanks to drills she is calm. You are a public person and you must be aware of your comments”, was one of the comments to José Ron.


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