Earthquake in Mexico today, last minute live | News, affected states and magnitude of the earthquake

20 hospitals in Michoacán report damages due to an earthquake of 7.7

In the Michoacan state The authorities reported that among the main damages that were experienced during the earthquake of magnitude 7.7, were in the Community Hospital of Maruata, temple of Santiago Apóstol in Coalcomán. Local authorities reported damage to the interior of the churches located in Coalcomán, Aguililla and Morelia; the Tecnológico de Coalcomán also suffered slight damage to its structures. Meanwhile, heThe Ministry of Health of Michoacán reported structural damage in at least 20 hospitals in the municipalities of: Pátzcuaro, Zacapu, Apatzingán, Aguililla, Coahuayana, Uruapan, Cherán Puruándiro, Aquila.

the media Quadratin Michoacanpublished the extract list of the minor damages inside multiple health centers, which are:

– “La Basílica” Health Center, in Pátzcuaro

– Zacapu Health Center

– “Cenobio Moreno” Health Center, in Apatzingan

– Center of “El Aguaje”, in Aguililla

– “Antúnez” Health Center, in Apatzingan

– Coahuayana Health Center

– Hospitals with structural damage

– Zacapu General Hospital

– General Hospital of Apatzingan

– General Hospital “Dr. Pedro Daniel Martinez”, from Uruapan

– Puruandiro General Hospital

– Comprehensive Hospital of Cheran

– Maruata Community Hospital

– Hidalgo City Hospital

-Sahuayo Hospital

– General Hospital of Maravatio

– ISSSTE Hospital of Apatzingán

– Uruapan ISSSTE Hospital

– IMSS Coalcomán

– Military Hospital of Apatzingán

– Coahuayana Hospital

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