Do you really want a Dynamic Island on Android?

Lu Weibing, the very president of Xiaomi, has directly asked his fans on Weibo if they really want a ‘Dynamic Island’ in the new Redmi K60.

Xiaomi has doubts: do you really want a Dynamic Island on Android?

So to boat soon, we all stay quite a lot surprised last week when Apple showed us the innovative Dynamic Island of the new iPhone 14 Pro, although the truth is that past the initial ‘Wow effect’ not everything we see is so good with a development that scenes android has already made available to any user on our platform.

We have to admit that indeed Apple did have a great idea looking to hide the hole in the screen and give it a practical use, but in my case I have serious doubts how acceptable they will be these black spots on screen when we are playing or watching multimedia contentsomething that with my latest Samsung Galaxy Note and now with the Galaxy S22 Ultra I was able to verify with the similar notification bubbles, quite annoying when you don’t want to see them, or with third-party developments that used the hole in the screen as a notification LED.

Spoiler alert: I’ve always ended up disabling or removing them, or setting up a routine that turns on ‘Do Not Disturb’ in those cases.

Dynamic Island on Android

The dynamic island of the new iPhone 14 Pro, now available on Android thanks to an app.

In the case of Apple We are completely unaware of how these will be managed. Dynamic Island, and I mean if iOS will allow them to be completely disabled or if users will be able to modify the formats so that the content is displayed symmetrically with a black bar or is seen in full screen showing the hole. In any case, what we do know is that dynamic islands are great as a gimmicky solution though need these customization possibilities so as not to end up being frustrating.

These doubts that I have shown are also all manufacturers of the Android catalog right now, although as the GizChina colleagues told us following the trail of MyDrivers, it has been Xiaomi the first to open fire to ask its fans and customers directly if they see a need Dynamic Island in the firmware of your devices.

Apple (yes, Apple) reinvents the hole in the screen with a unique functionality

The question was released Lu Weibing himselfpresident of Xiaomi, using a regular social network such as the popular Weibo and posting the question without fuss or artifice:

Do you really need ‘Dynamic Island’ on the Redmi K60?

Anyway, maybe that “Really” is giving us clues that the MIUI customization that the next Redmi K60 will show will not have dynamic islands, since the bosses of Xiaomi might not seem too important this new feature for the future of your devices and the mobile industry.

In fact it is that solutions of this type have already been tested on Android with secondary screens (hello, LG V10) or using the curved part of the flexible screens (take the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge as an example), in all cases with little successincluding the most modern solutions that I told you about at the beginning with bubbles or similar apps AODnotify.

What we do know is that dynamic islands are coming to android natively in the near futurethat’s for sure, although we hope they do it in a configurable, customizable or at least deactivatable way, so that users can make the decision how to see the information on our smartphones and whether or not we want to have a black blur always on the screen.

Of course the scenes android and developers are already at workas you will have seen in the tweet inserted, so for everyone who wants try dynamic islands on your android mobileif you don’t like the option in the form of an app that is still taking shape in beta in the communities, you can even use themes already posted on My Theme like the one shown above.

And for those of you who are thinking about what terminal is that Redmi K60because of course it is the next top of the range of the firm spin off of Xiaomi with the most important phones in terms of quality / price, which hypothetically we will meet in early 2023 with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 chipset if the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 does not arrive on time.

Let’s see what you think about the ‘Dynamic Islands’… Do you find them useful?

With this free app you can have the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro on any Android mobile

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