Daniel Bisogno: Who is the alleged boyfriend of the driver of Ventaneando

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Daniel Bisogno He is one of the most popular television hosts in our country, as well as one of the most controversial, as his partner has described him Peter Alonehe is a loved or hated character, with no possibility of half measures.

Though his work consists of criticism and opinion of the entertainment world and its most relevant representatives, Bisogno’s private life has remained as such, or at least it is the objective of the presenter.

However, through social networks Multiple photographs of Daniel have been released in the company of young people, among whom is her possible boyfriend; in MILLENNIUM we tell you who it is Jesus Castillothe partner of Daniel Bisogno.

Daniel Bisogno and his relationship with a young man

Since her divorce, love life, sexual life, as well as their affective orientation have been topics of debate and speculation among some media outlets and society in general, particularly after the publication of photographs and a video where Daniel allegedly kissing another boy in a bar in Zona Rosaone of the areas most frequented by the LGBT+ community.

After that, the driver faced the accusations during one of the broadcasts of his program ‘window’; however, she quickly diverted the conversation to point out her friend and comadre Raquel Bigorra as the possible seller of exclusives to the magazine that brought to light both the divorce and the audiovisual material exposed.

Once the separation from his ex-wife Cristina Riva Palacio was made official, some Internet users began to report sightings of the communicologist in bars and nightclubsin the company of a trio of friends and influencers known as the Jonas Vloggers.

Later it would be known that Daniel is a business partner of the group, and in particular of louis rivas, so their closeness responds to their friendship. Although it is thought that it was in these meetings and frequent visits that he met his current partner.

Who is Jesus Castillo?

Jesus Castillo is a young man between 24 and 26 years old who, according to his Instagram account, in which he has more than 26 thousand followers, He is a lawyer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Last April, a show magazine assured that the couple married in a private ceremony, a fact that was taken up by multiple digital platforms, however, to date it has not been confirmed.

Users have realized thanks to the content they upload to social networks that both are constantly at the same addressIn addition, both exchange comments on the photos they post on their social networks.

Even Jesus has shared snapshots of Daniel and his friends in a house in Ococoyoc, particularly in the pool. They have also been observed at events such as the premiere of the play ‘Joseph the dreamer’in the company of Daniel’s daughter, although always keeping a lot of discretion.

Finally, last weekend Jesus uploaded videos and photos to his networks showing a party where they were Daniel, Luis Rivas from the Jonas Vloggers and the tiktoker Kunno.


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