Christian Estrada left Ferka after learning that she is attracted to women

  • The rumors of separation began in networks, since each one is no longer shown together on their own.
  • Christian Estrada, Ferka’s partner, was told that the actress is attracted to women, a friend of theirs assured that the model could not stand this.
  • Estrada decided to leave the home they share, to reflect if he wants to continue with Ferka.

A few weeks ago, Maria Fernanda Quiroz, better known as Ferka, 36 years old, and Christian Strada, 33, celebrated the baptism of their firstborn. The couple looked happy and it seemed that everything was going well after two years of relationship, even until wedding plans They had; however, a friend of the actress told us that everything was is going overboard Well, it turns out that the model found out that Ferka only used it, because he confessed that he is attracted to women. After this, Christian left the apartment where they lived, since he wants to think things through; he needs time to know what to do, because the news hit him like a bucket of cold water:

-You mention that Ferka and Christian are experiencing a relationship crisis…
“Yes, it’s real, neither of them is having a good time; especially Christian, he is the most affected ”.

-We just saw them happy a few weeks ago…
“Yes, they were really happy; but that happiness lasted only one day.”

“They had had their conflicts, misunderstandings, like all couples, but what happened the day after a celebration they had, Christian has really been out of the loop.”

-Do not tell me!…
“Yes, they have many friends, they like to party, and a few days ago they went to a meeting, something simple where acquaintances of both attended.”

-Go on…
“They were there for a long time, but right there, Christian met a woman, and after several hours that girl talked with him.”

-About what?
“Well, he questioned him, he wanted to know how he was doing with Ferka, if they got along, but she didn’t like the idea of ​​seeing him with her.”

-Did they make you jealous?
“No not at all. What yes, is that Ferka saw her very talkative and it did not beat her.

-What happened to Christian?

“He kept talking with that woman and with the others who were in the meeting, and tried not to leave Ferka alone; Hours passed and after a while, Christian asked Ferka to leave the place.

-Where did they go?
“To her apartment, but she noticed something strange in her partner; she felt him cold, distant, thoughtful”.

– Did you question him? What did he tell you?
“That if he had something, if he felt bad, but Christian told him no, that he was tired.”

Christian Estrada left Ferka after learning that she is attracted to women

-What happened after?
“As the days went by, he continued to get worse, with a completely cold attitude, they no longer even had anything to do with each other in private. Christian had changed, something that really alarmed Ferka.”

-And what did she say?
“She went with a friend and told her about the estrangement that occurred between her and her partner, that she did not like the way he was behaving with her, that she had stopped doing many things as a couple and seemed like a worth ma$ %&#”.

-What happened then?
“Days later, I think it was on September 10 that Christian spoke with Ferka and told him that he wanted to leave the apartment for a while.”

“Yes, he argued that he needed time, time for himself and to find himself, that he didn’t know what he wanted.”

-She, what did she say?
“She got angry, she questioned him and he told her that rather she was the one who could least ask any type of question; that she had to make a kind of balance and search in her conscience if she had acted well all these years ”.

Christian Estrada left Ferka after learning that she is attracted to women

-And so?
“Ferka felt out of the loop, she didn’t know the reason for her attitude, she felt hurt.”

-What else…
“Days later all the mess came out. Someone spread the gossip in their circle of friends and it turns out that the mystery woman who spoke to Christian at the party spilled the beans on him… she asked him if she knew that Ferka liked women”.

-It isn’t true!…
“Yes, she told him about her sexual preferences, that she herself knew that she had a passionate and long affair with a woman, that she hadn’t noticed.”

-What did he say?
“He was stunned, he took out wave cannon, he told her she was a liar.”

-But how do you check it?
“Because from there he began to make conjectures; A few months ago, Ferka had even told her that she would be late because she had an important meeting and that meeting never existed. She connected the dots and realized that it’s true, Ferka likes people of the same sex as her! ”.

-Do you mean that Ferka was unfaithful to him on that occasion of the meeting?
“He didn’t say that, maybe he thinks so, but I don’t know specifically, I tell you that he is just connecting the dots.”

Christian Estrada left Ferka after learning that she is attracted to women

-How strong!…
“This keeps Christian very depressed; now they check many things, many lies… Look, I’ll be honest: once a mutual friend of theirs, he told Ferka; ‘You have to be honest with yourself and define if you like men or women; You should talk to your partner and tell him about your preferences so that they can be okay’”.

-Ferka, what did you say?
“That she had always wanted to get pregnant, that she fell in love with Christian, but also made her understand that she almost only used Christian to achieve her goal. He, well imagine, now he doesn’t even know what to think.

Do you know where Christian is?
“For sure, no, maybe he’s with a friend in a hotel… The only thing is that he told one of his friends that he doesn’t know what to do.”

Christian Estrada left Ferka after learning that she is attracted to women

Do you know if Christian has talked to anyone about it?
“He told a friend that he needs time, to think things through. The fact that she and he have formed a family does not mean that he should stay with her forever. Now that he is living this situation, he does not know if Ferka is actually the love of his life or not”.

He must be very hurt…
“Yes, of course, especially because of the deception, and now there are several things that already add up to him … and he found out about a note: in 2010 he was caught having an affair with the actress, María Renée Prudencio, who wrote the book Manual of the good lesbian. Also, last June there was another situation…”.

“Ferka kissed Isa after winning a test on the Inseparable reality show. It was enough for her to see Christian’s astonished face after the kiss; she thought he was acting, but today a lot of twenties are starting to fall on him.”

-What will happen to your relationship?
“Only the two of them know what will happen and how they will define it; For her part, Christian lives without knowing which direction to take, whether to stay for the family he formed, whether to return to her and pretend that nothing is happening, or to get away from her forever. Hopefully both can sit down to reconcile for the sake of preserving what they have achieved as a couple. You can’t give an opinion on this about couples, but that the matter is ant-colored, it is! “, She concluded.

Christian Estrada left Ferka after learning that she is attracted to women


Given these revelations, we took on the task of looking for Christian Estrada, and this is what he told us:

-Christian, after you were disconnected from your networks for a week, the rumor spread that you and Ferka are separated, is this true?
“No, don’t believe that.”

-So, they are not separated?
“No, why give bad information?”

Aren’t they giving each other time in the relationship?
“No, everything is normal.”

-So, you just wanted to take a vacation on social networks and those rumors are false?
“What I have to say is that if there is something that happens, I will comment on it with confidence, but for now, I don’t know where they are getting that gossip from. I tell you, and I tell you with all confidence.

Are you still very much in love and together as a family?
“Yes, do not believe in that gossip of the networks; I was absent from these for about a week, but nothing more”.

-Did you take vacations and for that reason you disconnected?
“Exactly”, and ended the call.

Christian Estrada left Ferka after learning that she is attracted to women

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