Chivas has a noticeable drop in the tour of the United States

Cincinnati, Ohio.– The Guadalajara is already in the American Union to contest his pair of friendly matches of the Flock Tour September, the first of them against FC Cincinnati, as part of the 2022 Leagues Cup Showcase, and 4 days later the Super Clásico in Atlanta. Nevertheless, Richard Chain You will have to find a way to make up for a significant loss to meet these commitments.

And now? Who is it about? Did she travel with the team? Calm Chiva BrothersHere we tell you all about it.

Well, the player in question has been one of the key pieces in the rebound he had Chivas during the last weeks, since since its reappearance the team jumped from penultimate place to seventh place in the classification, since its actions on the field of play provide stability and balance to the midfield of the Sacred Flock.

Still don’t know who we’re talking about? Let’s see if by breaking down their individual actions you can discover it.

He has been a starter in the last 8 games, in which he has recorded a total of 70 balls recovered, 15 defensive heads-ups won, 52 rebounds and 276 successful passes for an 87% effectiveness in touching the ball; In addition, he has shot at goal 5 times, has already given 1 assist, masterful by the way, and participated in 2 annotations.

If you are still wondering who is the great absentee in the call for the chiveriobecause it is about Sergio Flores who received a permit to stay in the Pearl of the West and be able to undergo a dental procedure, which includes a small surgery, which had been pending for a few weeks, so we wish a speedy recovery to our esteemed ‘Czech’.

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