Charles III. All that is known about his coronation

Only one day has passed since the 70-year reign of Isabel II came to an end and with it, daily life in the United Kingdom has resumed, so now they are beginning to talk about the coronation of the new king, Charles III.

The last coronation that took place in British lands was that of Elizabeth II in 1953, 1 year and 5 months after her father George VI of the United Kingdom died due to a thrombosis derived from lung cancer in February 1952. In the same way, although King Charles III has already been officially proclaimed, he will have to wait a few months to officially receive his coronation in the abbey of Westminster.

Although the date remains a mystery, writer, broadcaster and speaker Hugo Vickers gave an analysis for ‘Good Morning Britain’ in which he mentioned: “I have a feeling it’s probably summer, because people will be camping in the streets and it needs to be hot”.

The expert on the royal family ventured to predict a date on which the event could occur. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was June 2, which would be the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation? Wouldn’t that be an appropriate date?” he questioned.

Hugo Vickers Isabel United Kingdom coronation Carlos (The writer and expert on the British royal family Hugo Vickers with Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom / Instagram)

The changes that Carlos III will implement during his reign

Since before ascending the throne, there have been rumors about the desire that King Carlos III has to make major changes to the way the monarchy works. Among them, the reduction of its members, something that would arise with the controversy of his brother Andrés de York, but that would also send a message of understanding to the signs that the crown has.

In addition, it would also be the ideal way to show that he will be a sensible King regarding economic issues, which currently concern his population.

This ideology would cause the coronation of Carlos III, although moving, to be discreet and “reduced”. “The King is well aware of the struggles modern Britons feel, so the ceremony itself will be streamlined,” a source told The Mirror.

The coronation of king charles ii It will take place in Westminster Abbey, as has happened for more than 1,000 years with the monarchs of the United Kingdom, since William the Conqueror, in 1066. The planning of the coronation is called Operation Golden Orb, reported the same medium.

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