Carlos Loret de Mola: In Edomex, the alliance goes

For the election of the State of Mexico -the most important of next year- the alliance between PRI, PAN and PRD is firm and was sealed a few days ago by the two most important local leaders: the PRI governor Alfredo Del Mazo and the PAN deputy Enrique Vargas.

The political commitment to present a coalition candidacy for the renewal of the Mexican government, according to top-level sources, is not subject to the ups and downs of the national leadership, especially after the PRI member Alejandro “Alito” Moreno bowed before the federal government to approve hypermilitarization in the Chamber of Deputies, hand in hand with Morena.

Of course, there is a long way to go before the Mexican elections, scheduled for the first Sunday of June 2023, and since this is politics, a lot of things can happen in that period. But when the last quarter of 2022 is about to start, the alliance for the government of Edomex is firm.

Not only that. The same sources confide to me that PAN member Vargas has already promised to support a candidacy for the government headed by a PRI figure, defined by Governor Del Mazo.

How did this happen? Just a few weeks ago, the national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés, in the act of “uncovering” the PAN member Vargas as his proposal for the Mexican governorship, said clearly that in the State of Mexico the PAN was going to do what Vargas decided. That is to say, he gave him all the power and endorsed him the full weight of responsibility as to whether there was going to be an alliance. A few days later, journalistic complaints emerged that questioned Vargas’s real estate fortune. Later, he sent the signal that the PAN was firm in its support for the PRI in Edomex, whatever “Alito” Moreno did on the national scene. In other words, the issue of the candidacy was left in the hands of Governor Del Mazo (as I told him a few days ago in these Reporter Stories, the doubt is between two PRI women: the local Development Secretary, Alejandra Del Moral, and the federal deputy Ana Lilia Herrera, who abstained in the vote on militarization, to leave the door open to an eventual support from the PAN). The other candidates, as they explain to me, are not so difficult to distribute among the three parties of the alliance, since the geographical areas where the reds, the blues or the yellows are stronger are quite clear.

It does not seem, at least until now, that Governor Del Mazo has joined the ranks of those who negotiate with President López Obrador to hand over his state to Morena in exchange for an embassy and impunity. Rather, he is seen as operating to maintain PRI hegemony in the state with the most voters in the country. It is evident that the relationship between the two is extraordinary and that it has not been damaged by the nascent electoral contest.

On the opposite corner, in Morena, they are falling apart among the Mexiquense leaders. But we’ll talk about that tomorrow.


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