Carlos III, again: now he refuses to shake hands with an African-American worker (VIDEO)

Criticism for refusing a black man’s salute added to the negative press for the 73-year-old monarch after two videos showed him visibly irritated: one where he smears his fingers with a pen and another where he beckons aides. remove a pencil holder.

Mexico City, September 20 (However).- The king Charles III was singled out again for arrogance and racism this time by not greeting a person of African descentwho stretched out his hand to greet him, however it was ignored by the member of the English monarchy.

The strict video that appeared on television was shared on social networks, where the person is observed almost forcing the king to shake his hand, but despite his efforts he was ignored and even received a slap from Carlos.

The son of Elizabeth II greeted all the people he encountered during a mass greeting on the occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but the only one with whom he did not shake hands was with the only person of African descent who was in the place captured by the cameras.

The video quickly became viral, after the former Prince of Wales twice showed his annoyance at protocol situations during the death ceremonies of Queen Elizabeth II, his mother.

The criticism added to the negative press for the 73-year-old monarch after two videos showing him visibly irritated — one of him smearing a pen on his fingers and another of him beckoning to remove a pencil holder — went viral on social media. social networks in recent days.

In one video, Carlos is seen losing his temper over a leaky pen while signing a guest book on camera in Northern Ireland.

He is heard exclaiming “Oh my God, I hate this!” and then mutter “I can’t stand this damn thing…this happens every damn time.”

In the other video, the new monarch is seen gesturing irritably at his staff to immediately remove a pencil holder as he signs a document during his accession ceremony.

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