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Worse than a neighborhood, what a shame the internal lawsuits of the Referees Commission; first Quetzalli against Archundia, a good grip in the middle of the conversation, then two discussions that almost ended in blows.

The first of Antonio López Chávez, Archundia’s compadre, and José Santana, had to separate them, the last one a great friend of Archundia, a certain César Roa, who has taken on the role of the Commission’s scold, since everyone shouts.

Who does this nobody think he is? First, those from Liga MX, but they remained silent, then those from the Expansion League, Isaac Rojas just stopped him in his tracks and they also almost ended up with blows, what chips he is incorporating Benito to the Commission, very incompetent, but good pal spin.


After seeing the way in which the Puebla-Tigres goal was annulled due to a non-existent offside, since the ball came from a defender to the attacker voluntarily, I realized that the instruction continues to fail, since a few days before in the game Tigres and Toluca the same play happened and there they did concede the goal.

The bad thing is that the Referees Commission itself has created this confusion by giving the instruction that these plays must be annulled, so the referees were against it and were arguing for two hours, but the instructors did not come to their senses and clung to leave this non-regulatory decision.

I want to comment that in these two plays I asked for the opinion of FIFA instructors and former international referees of different nationalities and they all agreed that the goal should be conceded, according to regulations César had awarded Puebla’s goal, but the VAR and the instruction of the Referees Commission they made him change, what a mess and confusion they are creating.


I thought that Daniel Quintero had the attributes to be a good referee, unfortunately I was wrong, he has a terrible foul rating; In the Mazatlán-Toluca match there are two actions to comment on, Baeza’s is a kick from behind, for which he had to be expelled, but he left it on yellow.


‘Cesarín’ Ramos still hasn’t improved, I already talked about the goal he had conceded to Puebla and then annulled it due to a non-existent offside, in this play Cesarín himself points to the player from Tigres (Loroña) who voluntarily gives the ball to the player from Puebla, who was offside, I don’t know why he made the decision to annul him, in the World Cup if this happens to him they will return him immediately.

The ‘Singer’ came out of tune, what a cut of the sleeve Antuna did to him, not only that, he also made fun of the tenor in his face and did nothing, what a frightful thing, a few minutes later Dani Alves hit Lira with the studs , scratched him from the knee to the ankle, but he lacks many to expel a player of that category.


Marco A. Ortiz surprises me that he arrived predisposed with Quiñones, who was not penalized for three fouls, one of them a penalty when the score was 0-0, he is a good referee, but those attitudes are not good.


Finally, I will comment on the Clásico, what a great job by Adonai Escobedo, hopefully it will be the start of his career, many people unfairly talk about stealing from Chivas, but we must remember that those from VAR cannot see the shot in photography, in lens camera or stop it, much less in photography, they observe it in real time and there it is not clear that it has crossed the line, since there is no forceful shot, they are left with the decision not to award the goal, the penalty in favor of América, well sanctioned and the two penalties that the Chivas players requested on Brizuela and almost at the end of the game are non-existent, the redeemable of the week.

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