BTS’s V talks about how the group supports each other’s solo work

bts became a worldwide phenomenon, but the members kept their essence as a family. Now, in the new stage they live in, it is completely different, the boys took a break from the group and each one prepares their solo projects. Then now taehyung states that this separation does not affect their friendship.

The K-Pop group member gave an interview to Korean Vogue, confirming that he is working on his solo album. In the interview, she stated that the seven members recently met and shared their solo songs and it was really an important moment for them. support for mutual.

We support each other a lot. Recently, at Suga’s house, we took the time to listen to all the individual songs each member made. Someone danced and everyone said ‘good, good’, it was crazy. It’s nice to see the members preparing songs with their own colors like that, because they are very passionate and actively make music and love each other.“, revealed the idol.

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It’s good to know that BTS is still a tight-knit group even when they’re not working together. On the other hand, still in the same interview, V said that he wants to show in his project in lonely a very different side to the one you’ve already shown.

I will bring a type of music with a feeling that my other person is debuting songs that they have never done before, and the texture is different from BTS’s V“, he pointed.

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