Before voting reform to the Armed Forces, PAN senator accepts position with Morena

Before senators convene a session to debate and vote on the ruling that seeks to extend until 2028 the permanence of the Armed forces in the streets of the country, the PAN senator for the state of Yucatan, Raul Pazwas appointed by the president of Morena, Mario Slimas National Commissioner for liaison with the business sector.

Through a video posted on Twitter, Mario Delgado welcomed the legislator, who said, joins the transformation projects that he promotes Brunettealthough it was not made clear whether the senator would join the icing party’s bench.

“There are moments of definition: either you are with the people or in politics. Welcome @RaulPazMX to the right side of history!” Delgado posted on his Twitter account.

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“In politics there are times when we have to make decisions, either you are with the people or you are with a minority. Today, Raúl Paz has decided that we must be in favor of the people, who are going to join this project of transformation This is not the time for politicking,” he said in the video.

If Morena joins the Chamber of Senators, the icing party would add 61 legislators and the PAN would decrease to 20, which would be relevant because it means that the majority group would have one more vote to vote on the reform of the Armed Forces.

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With information from Victor Gamboa

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