After the thunder with Piqué, Shakira is related to another Spanish footballer

After her breakup with Piqué, the eyes of the whole world have been on Shakira, so every step the Colombian takes quickly becomes news.

The days after the announcement of their separation, the press was able to capture the artist with a very downcast face, sad and taking refuge mainly in her children and her brother; however, in the last public appearances of her, she has been seen in a much better mood and this could be treated to the appearance of a new suitor, according to what was reported by a Spanish media.

Everything seems to indicate that, while Piqué has walked through the streets of Barcelona with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia, the leading men have begun to approach the interpreter of “Loca”, among them another famous Spanish soccer player stands out, who also came to share the field with the Barça captain; nothing more and nothing less than Iker Casillas.

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According to the television program Socialité, now that the Real Madrid exporter ended his relationship with the presenter Sara Carbonero, he has been very active on social networks, especially Instagram, and a couple of days ago he decided to start following the Barranquillera, which has raised suspicions that Casillas could be interested in the music star.

Although they have already begun to relate them sentimentally, for now neither of them has spoken about it, what’s more, Shakira has not even given Iker a follow-up, because for now she has focused all her energy and concentration on resolving the custody issue of their children.

The celebrities met at the 2010 World Cup, the date on which the singer’s relationship with Gerard Piqué began. Photo: Special

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