Activate protocol for earthquake of 5.8 in Tecomán, Colima during the early morning

The National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) activated the usual protocol for the earthquake of magnitude 5.8 registered early this Tuesday in Tecomán, Colima and detailed that so far there is no record of damages.

Through its social networks, it reported that the National Communication and Operation Center, as well as the state Civil Protection units, carried out monitoring, after detecting the telluric movement at 3:17 hours.

The earthquake, which had its epicenter 72 kilometers south of Tecomán, was lightly perceived in Michoacán, in the municipalities of Lázaro Cárdenas, Pátzcuaro, Uruapan, Los Reyes de Salgado, Arteaga, Ario de Rosales and Chinicuila.

Civil Protection of Michoacán assured in its social networks that it remains in permanent alert due to the earthquake.

In Colima the earthquake was perceived light to moderate in all the municipalities of the state.

He explained that monitoring and coordination are maintained between municipal and state authorities, as well as with the National Emergency Committee (CNE), in order to conduct a preliminary assessment of the area.

In social networks, users shared images of what constitutes so far the strongest aftershock of the 7.7 earthquake registered at noon on Monday in Michoacán.

The CNPC pointed out that, according to the bulletin of the Tsunami Warning Center of the Secretary of the Navy, after the 5.8 earthquake registered in Colima, the absence of significant variations in sea level is confirmed, so “It is estimated that there will be no danger to the port operation or the population.”

During this Monday, a 5.3 aftershock of the 7.7 earthquake that occurred at noon in Michoacán, caused damage to Tecomán, Colima. So far, 519 aftershocks have been reported.

The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation reported damage to the Colima-Tecomán highway in the “La Salada” area, for which one lane was closed. However, he later released the restoration of circulation on the road.

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