A user wakes up with his wrist burned by his Samsung Galaxy Watch

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It seems that oragain Samsung has come face to face with the overheating of one of its devices after un Reddit user you stateand that a watch from the Active series caused severe burns to the wrist while sleeping.

In the post from Reddit in which he recounted his experienceand which they first discovered in TechradarIt can be seen the blister from a burn that matched the hallmark pattern that had left a smart watch. The affected user TheMattsterofSelf, said his watch was a Galaxy Watch Active2 and, as can be seen in the back of the clock, it seems that it wasthe Bluetooth model. Based on in the image and in the mild blisters seen on its skin, Everything indicates that he suffered some Minor second degree burns.

East 2019 watch has a base wireless charging which uses an induction coil instead of the copper connections that already they had caused many cases of skin irritation in some users in the past. The watch is equipped with the usual list of physical activity sensors to monitor the heart and the level of stress, and the own self user manual recommends using a mode ‘Goodnight’ that silences alarms and notifications while you sleep. No problem mentioned skin irritation on the company health and safety page.

Gizmodo has not been able to independently verify this user’s claims, but TheMattsterofSelf commented on the subreddit r/WellThatSucks that I had not changed any settings of the device beyond disable dial-up and internet browsing. According to him, he went to a of attention doctor when he saw the burns under the clock. Also tohe signed that he did not use any type of skin cream and that he was taking pills to sleep, which is why he didn’t feel the burns until late at night.

The burns were apparently caused by the device overheating. TheMattsterofSelf He said that after suffering the burn, the device was only on for 15 seconds before overheating and shutting down after. Samsung has had to do some changes on watch Active 2 in the past regarding his heartbeat monitoring tasks, but he has never acknowledged publicly no problem with these watches overheating.

“So I don’t know exactly how he managed to make me this, only something happened while I I was KO for my meds and clearly the failsafe system had a problem”, wrote TheMattsterOfSelf. Some other users on the forum also mentioned having similar problems with the Active 2.

The terms and conditions of the device refer to the temperature of the device, warning that certain applications and prolonged use could cause an increase in its temperature and that it is a good idea to ensure that the device maintains a good ventilation and air flow. However, based on user feedback, it appears that the problem was with the device itself.

It is not the first time that a member of the samsung community complains about a similiar fact with some clock of the Galaxy series, especially of the models turn on. However, this last case seems to have been one of the most serious, especially since the user was unable to wake up in time as he began to feel the heat emitted by the device.

There have been more problems than documented with bracelets of physical activity such as Fitbit Ionic due to some defective batteries. Others users signed a class action lawsuit against the company from Google because some of its modern clocks Versa and Sense they also tended to overheat.

Now there are rumors about another possible ongoing class action lawsuit against Samsung Galaxy watches because of all this matter of the burns and irritations. A recent research of ClassAction.org quoted multitude of user reports showing signs of skin irritations or burns allegedly caused by their clocks Samsung galaxy.

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