7.7 earthquake surprises families at Colegio Rébsamen during mass

“No, not again! My God, not again, not! Please! I beg you! Were the cries repeated over and over again by the parents of the children who died just five years ago when they collapsed. the Rebsamen College.

The bereaved, along with neighbors and relatives, held a mass this Monday in memory of the 19 children and 7 adults who lost their lives during the 2017 earthquake. Everyone held hands and observed a minute of silence for the tragedy, when they were surprised by the tremor, which according to the authorities reached a magnitude of 7.7.

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To honor the children, the parents, together with neighbors and the authorities of the Mayor Tlalpan, they had set up a white tent; there, in a sort of altar, they placed the photographs of the victims that were flooded with white flowers; while the homily was being given, the seismic alert began to sound, although the drill had already ended; It was all confusion, because no one was sure if it was a failure of the alarm or if it was really a new tremor.

Seconds later, panic spread: the ground began to move—apparently in circles—the trees around the tent shook, as did the cables; Those present remembered what happened in 2017.

“My God, no, no, please!” a mother of the victims shouted as she cried, “that’s what my son felt and no one was there to hug him; why, why, my child, no…”, said another young mother while she was being held by Civil Protection personnel from the Tlalpan mayor’s office.

The telluric movement was intense and seemed to last an eternity, perhaps because, when the second seismic alert, the mind and body of those present went on alert: photographers, reporters, cameramen, neighbors and onlookers could not avoid the comparison. “Fuck, it was the same day just 10 minutes apart; It can’t be, ”said another of the neighbors who later entered his home for the rest of his family.

The crying of those present infected everyone; As the ground shook, they embraced each other and began to pray.

How is the Rébsamen case going?

In 2021, Judge Adolfo Rodríguez Campusano found the engineer Juan Mario Velarde Gámez, Director Responsible for Works (DRO), guilty, who would have granted his response to obtain a certificate of structural safety for the irregular operation of the Rébsamen School.

Also in 2021, the sentence for the crime of manslaughter was increased to 36 years against Mónica García Villegas, who had ordered the construction of a fourth floor above the school and used it as a home.

In interview with THE UNIVERSALAlejandro Jurado, father of one of the girls who lost her life, explained that legal proceedings are still being carried out against those involved.

“Unfortunately, justice in Mexico is very slow, but it is also very selective. In the sense that although we have processes against Mónica García Villegas, Mario Velarde Games, Juan Apolinar Iniesta, there is a detection file for Francisco Pérez Rodríguez, there is still a lack of public servants who are defended tooth and nail by Claudia Sheinbaum and from the same comptroller, Juan José Serrano was previously a lawyer for the parents, he did not contribute or do his job properly,” he said.

With information from Aldo Santamaría

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