3 keys to understand the harsh duel between Bolsonaro and Lula for power in Brazil (and why this election is special)

  • Gerardo Lissard
  • BBC News World

Lula and Bolsonaro

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Lula and Bolsonaro are first and second respectively in the voting intention polls in Brazil.

At first glance, next month’s elections in Brazil may seem like a typical Latin American contest for votes between the political right and left.

However, this electoral duel that has as protagonists the Brazilian president of the extreme right, Jair Bolsonaro, and the former leftist president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva is special by whichever it is analyzed.

The polls place Lula ahead of Bolsonaro in voting intentions for the first round of October 2 – with an advantage of between eight and 16 points in different polls – and as a clear favorite for an eventual ballot between the two on October 30.

But the harshness of the electoral fight, the mood of the voters and, above all, doubts about how Bolsonaro would act in the face of a possible defeat, lead Brazilian political experts such as Marco Antonio Teixeira to warn that this election is “atypical.”

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