3 foods that Shakira DOES NOT eat to eliminate the bulging belly

Shakira is one of our greatest inspirations for take care of our silhouette and is that the famous shows off some enviable abs, so we present you the foods you avoid to have an impact silhouette. Remember that one balanced diet is the key to having a healthy body.

You want forget a few kilos without exercising? Well, the interpreter of ‘Antología’ shares some of her secrets to have a firm belly, The best thing is that you do not need to do an exhaustive abdominal routine to get the expected results. We love your proposal!

Shakira shares a trick to have a flat stomach

do not eat sugar

According to the statements of the singer’s coach to AND! News, the famous usually avoid products with sugars. We refer to sweets, cakes, soft drinks, coffees, among other options. Our recommendation is that you do not limit yourself but change your portions.

Shakira shares a trick to have a flat abdomen. Photo: AP

zero dairy

If you’re cheese lover and pasta with cream You will not like this news very much, however, these high-fat foods can be your worst enemies. start byr replace cow’s milk with a vegetarian optioncheese eliminates it from your daily foods.

Fried food

If your true love is French fries, the time has come for you to end that toxic relationship, because these foods have bad fats that are harmful to you. you would try Shakira’s diet for get rid of bulging belly and have an impact silhouette? We start today.

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