Without consensus in the Senate, reform to expand the presence of the Army in the streets, recognizes Monreal

On the eve of the Senate of the Republic start the analysis of the minute with reform to extend the permanence of the armed forces in public security tasks, the president of the Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal Avilaacknowledged that there is no consensus to approve it.

In a video he posted on the social networksthe also coordinator of the Morena bench pointed out that the opposition parliamentary groups, which make up the so-called Containment Block, maintain an irreducible position.

“The negotiation has been intense, I have met with coordinators of the parliamentary groups and with officials of the federal government; Until now, we have not achieved a consensus that allows us to advance any news, we continue working, we continue dialoguing, but on this occasion I must honestly say that the parliamentary groups are in a position that does not allow movement, ”he pointed out.

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Ricardo Monreal affirmed that as leader of the majority caucus he continues trying to convince opposition senators to support this proposal presented by the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies.

“We are trying to point out the need and the reality in which we find ourselves in the country, all with respect and with an absolute attitude of openness and flexibility. We are going to see what happens in the next few hours, but I am sure that we all want the country to have updated laws and reforms for the benefit of the population”, he emphasized.

Senator Monreal Ávila reiterated that no type of pressure will be exerted to accelerate the work of the United Commissions of Constitutional Points and Legislative Studies, Second, which this Monday begin the legislative work for the dictation of the minutes.

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“The discussion will be determined by the commissions, its duration as well, and then the plenary session in first and second reading, in accordance with our internal regulations, will do what is appropriate. We are going to observe all the internal legal provisions that oblige us legislators to abide by them”, he remarked.

Morena and her allies have 75 of the 86 votes required to approve a Constitutional reformthat is, two thirds of the senators present at the session, so they are trying to convince 11 opponents to support the initiative of the PRI deputies.

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