Who did they buy the furniture from in the Municipality of Torreón?

According to the official page of the company NUSMAS, S. A de CV, this company is not dedicated to manufacturing furniture, nor does it have a catalog, much less a contact telephone number so that a client can hire its services, which also if unclear, they refer to administration, training, and staffing services.

As reported in this medium, just 15 days after taking office as mayor of Torreón, Román Alberto Cepeda González, spent 1 million 837 thousand pesos of public resources on the purchase of high-end furniture and decoration to remodel his office and the of the City Council secretary, Natalia Fernández Martínez.

According to the brief information on the company’s website, “Nusmas is a marketer and provider of services for project management, project consulting, implementation of project offices, personnel management, training and personnel hiring.”


That is to say, they do not sell furniture, as is known, a marketing company does not produce or make the product, it only takes care of its sale once purchased.

So, from whom did the Torreón City Council buy 48 high-end items that it considered necessary for its operations (including 4 cushions for 13 thousand pesos for the mayor’s office), because according to what the company indicates, its activities are more than ambiguous.

“We carry out the implementation of field engineering services for programmed and/or corrective activities, within the framework of our own methodology”, it indicates on its official site where it does not explain much, it only indicates that it offers technical and consulting services, in addition to Industrial solutions. There is no contact telephone number or email where to ask for information, while their offices, according to their location, do not correspond to what they advertise either.

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