VIDEO FILTERS who are the next ELIMINATED heading to the FINAL


They filter the name of the first competitors who will be eliminated in the last week of Survivor Mexico 2022.

Who will be the next eliminated in Survivor Mexico 2022?
© Instagram @survivormexicoWho will be the next eliminated in Survivor Mexico 2022?

This weekend one of the most controversial moments of the reality show happenedas Yusef was eliminated by having all the votes of his teammates against, a situation that has generated great controversy in social networks and a divided opinion, between those who believe that it was an unfair betrayal and those who believe that he should not continue in the competition. now iThe last week begins and it has already been leaked who will be the next eliminated from Survivor Mexico 2022 and who will not be in the Grand Final on September 24.

After the departure of Yusef and cath, this week there will be one eliminated per day and the name of who will be the first to be expelled from the competition is already knownwho will say goodbye to the dream of reaching the final.

Who will be the first eliminated in the last week of Survivor Mexico 2022?

It has been leaked through the YouTube channel “Reality de Titanes”, who is in charge of filtering spoilers from reality shows, the name of the competitors who will be the first to leave the reality show this week. According to the information mentioned, David García will be eliminated on Monday, September 19 at Survivor Mexico 2022.

The second to leave the competition, will be one of the most controversial figures and who organized the plot against Yusef, it is about the content creator Cuchao, who will be eliminated from Tuesday, September 20 at Survivor Mexico 2022. Let us remember thatOnly three survivors will reach the Final, so it remains to be seen who will come out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

How and where to see the GRAND FINAL of Survivor Mexico 2022?

The final of Survivor Mexico 2022 would be on September 24, 2022 at 8PM through the Azteca UNO signal, since we remember that as of Monday, September 26, the new season of Exatlón México.

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