This is the moving SONG that Marco Antonio Solis ‘El Buki’ DEDICATED to his wife Cristy Solis

One of the most successful singer-songwriters in Mexico is Marco Antonio SolisSince he founded the group ‘Los Bukis’, the musician has shown great talent for composition. As proof of this, there are the songs that he has written for Christy Solis; this is the moving song that “The Buki” dedicated to its wifea theme that talks about having a very special person in your life and that you are grateful for being part of it.

“The Buki” He has been the author of great successes among which “Tú jail” and “Inventame” stand out, songs that are part of the general musical culture of Mexico; In addition, these issues have allowed him to have international fame. Throughout his artistic career, Marco Antonio Solis He has proven to be a very romantic person, as this impregnates him in each of his compositions.

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