The “Sugar Mami” that sweeps TikTok reveals horrific trauma

Kara Miller is an American woman known on social media as the “Sugar Mama”whose equivalent in Mexico would be like a “Sugar Mommy”. In each of her posts, whether from Instagram or TikTok, Kara gives tips Y warnings so that Internet users do not be victims of scams in the networks by supposed Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mommies.

Sugar Mama gave a turn completely to your life after having divorced of her husband and makes it known in each post she places. Kara she has been characterized as an open and blunt influencer, to the point that she recently revealed that she was a victim of sexual abuse, whose aggressors went unpunished.

Kara wrote her terrible story that led her to be affected by her relationships, as reflected in one of her posts:

“I am one sexual abuse survivor. my aggressors never received a conviction for what they did to me. The policemen did not help me and they blamed me for ‘going out at night’. This was not the reason I was raped, but I constantly blamed myself. I hated who I was and fell into a deep depression.

Kara Miller’s confession. Photo: IG

I saw my aggressor in all my partners and I had memories that caused the rupture of all those relationships. I was lonely and felt like I couldn’t get over it. 17 years later, I forgave myself and the person that he did this to me because I know he constantly blamed me and had a grudge that he couldn’t heal.

I hope that those who have experienced abuse or rape know that it is not their fault and that they cannot be blamed for it. It does not matter what happens. We are in this together, I hope you know how much you are worth, even if you feel that you are worthless.

The Sugar Mama with one of her boyfriends. Photo: IG

The Sugar Mama pampers her boyfriends

The Sugar Mami fulfills the “penance” of her nickname by pampering her boyfriends, her “sugar babies” by buying them everything they need; situation for which several of his followers on the networks ask him how can you afford the gifts she gives to each of her “babies”, to which the woman replied that she is a multifaceted person:

“Many ask me how I earn my keep as a Sugar Mama: I work with childrenI am a behavioral therapist. I’m also about to become clinical psychologistI’m going to finish one master’s degree and a doctorate. In addition, I work in social networks, I give advice, and I am a photographer.

Kara is a divorced woman. Photo: IG

Despite the sexual attack she suffered and the failed relationships she had as a result, Kara Miller was finally able to find stability in one of her boyfriends named Danuel, with whom she has been with him for three years.


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