The keys to the awakening of La Maquina by Raúl ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez

Cruz Azul is approaching the playoffs as they have added 13 points of the 18 they have played under the command of Raúl Gutiérrez with a balance of one defeat, one draw and four wins

Blue Cross has reversed the bad moment that left the 7-0 against America at the hands of Raul Gutierrezwho jumped to the bench of La Maquina after the dismissal of Diego Aguirre, who left the Celestes in penultimate position, but after a month with ‘Potro’, in which six games have been played, the cement workers are in the ninth position, close to securing his pass to the final phase of the Opening 2022.

He raised the team emotionally after the 7-0 against America

The ‘Colt’ Gutierrez a team was found emotionally beaten, as it took over the reins of La Maquina just two days after the historic 7-0 win against America that cost Diego Aguirre his job. However, the Mexican coach has managed to restore the confidence of the players, which has led them to recover from the fall at the Azteca Stadium on Saturday, August 20.

He returned ownership to Jesús Corona

One of the first moves the ‘Colt’ Gutierrez in Blue Cross was to return the ownership and captaincy to Jesús Corona, a goalkeeper who was not taken into account during the management of Diego Aguirre, a coach who opted for Sebastián Jurado to be the star goalkeeper of La Maquina, but after the 7-0, the Veracruz native has not had participation with the first team, he has only done so in the U-20.

He has relied on the celestial quarry

The ‘Colt’ Gutierrez has taken advantage of the players’ knowledge of the basic forces of Blue Cross during his time in the U-20 to bet on homegrown players in the first team. Rafael Guerrero and Rodrigo Huescas have become regular starters in what the Mexican coach has been with La Maquina, even the ‘Cachorro’ is the fourth player with the most minutes in the six games after the departure of Diego Aguirre.

In addition to Guerrero and Huescas, the ‘Foal’ He has also used Jaiber Jiménez, Cristian Jiménez and Jorge García, in addition to the experienced Julio César Domínguez, even during the match against Juárez, Blue Cross He finished with six homegrown players on the pitch, something not seen since 2013 with Guillermo Vázquez.

The Azteca Stadium has been a fortress

The Blue Cross de Diego Aguirre played five games at home, in which he only managed to add four points out of a possible 15, after a win, a draw and three setbacks, numbers that changed with the arrival of the ‘Colt’ Gutierrezwho has turned the Azteca Stadium into a fortress, as he has won all three of his home games.

Reconnecting with the fans

Although the improvement of Blue Cross It is perceived in the statistics and in the general table, something important that the ‘Colt’ Gutierrez It is the reconnection that La Maquina has achieved with its fans, the same one that booed them after the 7-0 against América, but since the duel against León on September 15, it has turned to support its team, even the support continued in the University Olympic last Sunday, when the footballers were fired to applause.

Has empowered reinforcements

Although the five incorporations of Blue Cross for him Opening 2022 occurred under the management of Diego Aguirre, the ‘Colt’ Gutierrez He is the one who has finally empowered the reinforcements, who, together, added 1,213 minutes with an assist and a goal with the Uruguayan. However, with the Mexican he has reaped eight goals and two assists in the 1,274 minutes they have on the pitch.

Injuries have not affected the team

The ‘Colt’ Gutierrez He has faced different casualties due to injury, but the coach has managed to get around them and supply them correctly. During the month you have in front of Blue Cross It has suffered the absences of Ramiro Funes Mori, Juan Escobar, Rodolfo Rotondi, Alejandro Mayorga, Joaquín Martínez and Jaiber Jiménez, but it has not affected the actions of the sky-blue team.

Led by Gonzalo Carneiro, the offensive has improved

With Diego Aguirre Blue Cross he had an average of 1.2 goals per game, after 12 goals in 10 matches in which Santiago Giménez contributed with five goals. After ‘Chaquito’ left, La Maquina suffered to score, but with the ‘Colt’ Gutierrez they have raised the average to two goals per match, where Gonzalo Carneiro’s contribution stands out with three goals and an assist.

Fixed defensive issue

One of the main problems presented by Diego Aguirre’s Machine was defensive fragility, as it left it with 25 goals against, with an average of 2.5 goals conceded per game. However, the ‘Potro’ has made Blue Cross be stronger down the stretch and they are currently averaging 1.3 goals per game, conceding just eight in their six meetings.

It has an effectiveness of 72.22 percent

Raul Gutierrez I take Blue Cross in the penultimate position with eight units, but after six days with the ‘Potro’ La Maquina has climbed to ninth position with 21 units, after the Mexican has a 72.22 percent effectiveness with 13 points of the 18 he has played, with one loss, one draw and four wins.

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