The Cruz Azul fans do not forget Sebastián Jurado

The goalkeeper from Veracruz was present at Ciudad Universitaria to accompany the rest of his teammates from the stands.

The goalkeeper from Veracruz has not had them all with him
© picture 7The goalkeeper from Veracruz has not had them all with him

Cruz Azul’s victory this Sunday over Pumas UNAM had a bittersweet preview for the cement workers in the morning hours. In the Cantera facilities, both teams met in their U-20 categories to meet one more date of the 2022 Opening of the category.

The cement workers were unable to beat their rivals and fell 2-0 in a duel marked by the presence of Sebastian Jurado on the fence of La Maquina. The player from Veracruz has been relegated to basic forces after the arrival of Raúl Gutiérrez on the bench and the return of Jesús Corona to the starting lineup.

Already in the afternoon in Ciudad Universitaria, with a gloomy face and a face of few friends, Jurado was present at the UNAM fiefdom to accompany his teammates from the stands. Along with him was also Jaiber Jiménez and Alejandro Mayorga himself, but all the lights pointed towards the former Veracruz.

Upon entering the venue, and unlike what one might think given the circumstances, Jurado received the support of the entire grandstand and was greeted with applause. This show of affection on the part of the fans contrasts with what has been experienced on social networks after the 7-0 against Club América, where Sebas was one of the most notable.

Objective Closing 2023?

With the emergence of ‘Chuy’ in the starting lineup and with the good performance that the 41-year-old goalkeeper is showing, Everything indicates that Jurado will have to wait one more tournament to try to retake the position as Cruz Azul’s number 1 goalkeeper. However, Andrés Gudiño also comes from behind, another who is not ruled out as the goalkeeper of the future for the sky-blues.

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