Thalía teaches us how to decorate with plants to make your house look elegant

Thalía gives us an important lesson of interior decoration by sharing what her house looks like, so be inspired by her proposal to recreate it over the next few weeks. The best thing is that he will give you a feminine, glamorous vibe and ideal to conquer all your guests.

Do you want to give your rooms a refresh? The interpreter of ‘Next Friday’ reminds us that vegetation is the best option for add vitality to your home. we love the sophisticated what is this proposal?

This is how Thalía decorates with indoor plants

Through her Instagram account, the celeb shared a photo in which she showed off one of the main rooms of her home. In the image she decorated with a couple of flower arrangements that invites us to bet on the white and pastel roses, in conjunction with the orchids.

This is how Thalía decorates with indoor plants. Photo: IG

How to make a flower arrangement like the one at Thalía’s house?


  • gardening tools
  • two color roses
  • A medium glass container


  • Cut the stem of the flowers to the desired size, it is very important that they all have the same length.
  • Empty 2/3 of Water In the container.
  • Finally, place the flora in the position that you like the most.

You, would you decorate your house with flowers in the style of Thalia? We have been inspired by your idea to wake up the florists that we all carry inside.

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