Take a breath before seeing what Jesús Joaquín, Dr. Polo’s younger brother, looks like.

The doctor Anna Maria Polo -or Dr. Polo, simply- is one of the most convening television celebrities of recent years. And it is that the histrionic lawyer, with her direct style of saying what she thinks without mincing words or any anesthesia, shines in her cycle “Caso Cerrado” (Telemundo), where she usually officiates as a judge and mediator in the face of different problems or conflicts domestic that expose their guests at the time of trying to reach a conciliation.

Without any fear or shame to speak her mind, the Doctor Polo tends to put in their place those who participate in “Case closed” and they usually defend unusual, inhuman, outrageous positions and even those who are determined to mistreat her or the other litigant who is standing in front of the bench, next to the person who is acting, and both facing the lawyer.

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