so you can pimp the thumbs up emoji

"ok paella": so you can pimp the thumbs up emoji

Not long ago we told you about a new feature called Emojify that Google had just brought to Gboard. Basically, it was a new feature that, thanks to the Emoji Kitchen, with which you could add emojis to a message with just one press.

The Emoji Kitchen is one of the most interesting tools in Gboard, since it allows us to combine existing emojis to create new ones. Well, today this feature is news again. As reported in Android Police, the feature has been updated with over 200 combinations for the thumbs up emoji.

This is how the new thumbs up are tuned

"ok paella": so you can pimp the thumbs up emoji

Emoji Kitchen’s New Thumbs-Up Creations Are Insane

As we have just commented, with the new additions to the Emoji Kitchen they have more than 200 combinations that can be made. There are too many to include in this article, but yes we will leave some in a photo gallery below so you can see some of them.

In the gallery you can already intuit what are the emojis you should combine to access the result that will be shown on the screen. The thumb should always go first, and then the icon with which you must combine it. We remind you that in order to make these combinations of emojis and take full advantage of the Emoji Kitchen, you must be using Gboard.

These creations have been included in the google feature by Jennifer Daniel, head of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee. Within the included updates there are many additions that make sense, but apparently a characteristic of Daniel’s work is to accompany the news with images like the ones you can see above.

With all these combinations that we leave you in the article we are going to let you experiment. We remind you that, if in addition to the Emoji Kitchen you want get the most out of Gboard, some time ago we made an article in which we gave you the best Google keyboard tricks. Do not hesitate to take a look at our complete guide.

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