Queen isabel II. The monarch’s corgis are also present at the funeral

At the state funeral of the Queen isabel IIHeld today in London, attended by hundreds of invited dignitaries, in addition to thousands of people who have gathered along the route of the funeral procession to say goodbye to the monarch.

Nevertheless, they are not the only ones. The queen’s beloved corgis, Muick and Sandy, were also present.

The BBC News chain captured them while they waited for the passage of the procession that carried the coffin of the monarch to the Chapel of San Jorge, where after a religious service she will be buried next to her husband, Prince Felipe.

The small, sandy-colored dogs with pointed ears were a permanent presence in Elizabeth II’s court, following her around every room in Buckingham Palace, as well as appearing in official photos and portraits.

They even won a part in the video that the queen starred in with actor Daniel Craig, playing James Bond, for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

The queen stopped breeding corgis when she turned 90 so as not to leave them orphans after her death. In total, she raised about 30. The death in 2018 of Willow, the last of the corgis she had tamed herself, ended her dynasty.

But in February 2021, her son Andrés gave her two little dorgis – a mix of dachshund and corgi – Muick and Fergus, to cheer her up during the hospitalization of her husband, Prince Philip, who died shortly after, on April 9.

Now, Muick and Fergus will be left in the care of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

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