Queen Camilla has a broken toe

The Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, Camilla has been suffering “intense pain” for several days due to the fracture of a toe, a circumstance that could not have come at a worse time for her, immersed as she is in endless trips and public acts derived from the death of Isabel II and the proclamation of her husband Carlos as king of the country.

Sources from the royal house assure that, despite the obvious discomfort she suffers, the agenda of the former Duchess of Cornwall will not be affected by this injury. In fact, Camilla is currently accompanying Charles III on his first visit as monarch to the Welsh Parliament. Both have toured a good part of the building and, after presiding over a special session of the assembly, right now they are chatting animatedly with the deputies.

An informant has not been slow to take advantage of the occasion to praise the queen consort for her strength and her unwavering spirit in carrying out her duties. “He is in intense pain, but he keeps going as if nothing happened. It was an inappropriate time for this, to put it mildly, but she approaches the situation like the strong woman that she is”, The confidant has pointed out in conversation with the Daily Telegraph.

Buckingham Palace has not wanted to confirm this information and has stressed that Camilla’s medical condition is a “private matter”. For its part, the aforementioned newspaper ensures that the sovereign’s wife suffered this physical setback shortly before the death of Elizabeth II, last Thursday, and that his recovery is not being exactly fast as a result of his numerous public appearances.

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