Poblano locates his stolen furniture in the Independencia, captures the moment they were unloaded

A man who was previously a victim of home robbery, discovered their belongings when they were unloaded from a moving truck in the back of the Independencia market, south of the city of Puebla.

The victim went to the area this Sunday afternoon, and on the Municipio Libre boulevard and 11 South avenue, noticed unknown subjects unloading items that were previously stolen from you in a raid on his home.

For the above, immediately the man called the police, in such a way that agents from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) moved to the area and observed how the subjects unloading the truck, they entered the used things area of ​​the aforementioned market since they noticed the police presence.

The officers managed to arrest the man driving the truckwhich Said he was just hired for a move however, upon the victim’s complaint, was arrested and placed at the disposal of the agent of the Public Ministry for this authority to continue with the corresponding investigations and determine or determine responsibilities.

The truck was seized so that once the affected person verifies that they are his belongings, they will be returned to him. In addition, it is expected that the corresponding authorities will soon locate and arrest those responsible for the theft.

It can be said that said market has not been exempt from operations for the seizure of illicit or pirated merchandise, Well, on May 17, 2019, elements of the municipal, state, ministerial police and the Mexican Army, as well as Foreign Trade and Commercial Regulation personnel, went to the area to seize hundreds of items of dubious origin, including electronics. and auto parts; In addition, eight stores that sold alcohol without the corresponding permit were closed and one person was arrested for drug possession.

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