Oxxo takes advantage of user occurrence

  • SproutSocial conducted a study of what he did and did not recommend to a community manager.

  • In the study “Digital 2022: Global digital overview” it was identified what motivated a network user to make use of these platforms.

  • Oxxo is one of the leading brands in the market for retailaccording to projections of Edge by Ascential.

An occurrence on the part of a fan of Oxxo has become a communication strategy of the famous convenience store in social networks, where the CM of the brand showed how users should be responded to trends or conversations that are pervasive in these media, such as the one that occurred with the King Charles III.

SproutSocial came to to size what to do and what not in social networks being community manager and the platform found that of the total number of network users surveyed, the majority recommended a CM use video, 83 percent; answer questions, 83 percent also; while the least recommended actions were laughing at the followers, for a 88 percent; Meanwhile he 71 percent of those surveyed considered it pertinent to avoid commenting on political issues and a 69 percent He recommended avoiding speaking in vulgar language.

This series of recommendations are guidelines for a series of insights that have become a benchmark of what we understand today in the market and that without a doubt allows us to understand the consumer from unexpected guidelines, such as the way in which the interaction with the consumer is qualified.

If we see the projections in this regard, there is a convincing figure in it and it is the one that warns us of how important it has become to start from strategies with the network user at the center of them. This has given rise to an interesting insight of work and is the one that reveals the reasons why a user makes use of social networks.

If we look at the study estimates “Digital 2022: Global digital overview”in this it is explained to us that they do it because it is their way of maintaining contact with family and friends, at least for a 47 percent of the participants; the 36 percent says he does it to pass the time and a 35 percent to find out news.

Getting it right in what is communicated to a user base that has very clear reasons why they use social networks is a basic crossroads for any network strategist, who finds in this segment a key place to be able to activate brands.

In the “Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2021” I know revealed that among the benefits of making use of social networks as a marketing strategy, the main one was because a 88 percent of the marketers found in this medium a channel to increase the exposure of the accounts in their charge; the 79 percent he said he did it to increase traffic; 69 percent to generate leads and 61 percent to grow the base fans of their brands.

Oxxo and King Carlos III

The success of Oxxo before the occurrence of a user who created an image in which a store Oxxo appears in the palace buckingham and the now King Charles III appears drinking coffee Andattiwas not ignored by the CM Instead, the brand took advantage of the mention to promote a coupon for the sale of its famous coffee and decided to take advantage of the user’s proprietary communication.

The occurrence simply tried to respond to the mention and that is how important it is for social networks.especially at a time when interaction through these platforms has become inevitable, in order to establish new communication opportunities, which undoubtedly reminds us how valuable it is to interact in digital media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTokamong other.

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