Nissan Titan and Frontier trucks are recalled due to displacement risk

nissan is withdrawing 203,223 pickup trucks in the United States for a transmission problem that can cause affected vehicles to move out of park, especially pickup trucks nissan titan Y nissan frontier.

What are the affected models of Nissan Titan and Frontier

The recall concerns pickup trucks Nissan Titan manufactured between December 13, 2019 and August 25, 2022. Also affected are Nissan Frontier manufactured between June 10, 2020 and August 25, 2022. Nissan will also conduct recalls of affected vehicles in Canada and Mexico.

Nissan Titan 2022
Nissan Titan 2022. / Photo: Courtesy Nissan. .

What generates the risk of displacement

The problem it is related to the resistance between the parking bar and the transmission wedge, which can allow the shift lever to move under certain conditions. If this happens, the transmission may move out of park, which could allow the vehicle to drift.

The defect could be particularly dangerous if the vehicle is parked on a slope. Owners must set the parking brake in addition to parking trucks in a way that prevents unintentional rolling.

Nissan Frontier 2021
2021 Nissan Frontier. / Photo: Courtesy of Nissan Motor Corporation.

No accidents related to the problem so far

No accidents have been reported so far, however Nissan has filed four reports of minor injuries as a result of the issue.

What solution does Nissan provide to the problem

Nissan does not yet have a remedy for the problem, but The solution might require taking the transmission out to repair or replace the faulty parking bar and shim.. These components are usually buried deep in the transmission, suggesting that a fix may take a lot of work to resolve. The alternative is to replace the entire transmission as a unit. Either way, it could be a very expensive recall for Nissan.

2021 nissan titan
Nissan Titan 2021. / Photo: Courtesy Nissan.

Nissan will start calling those affected in November

Nissan will notify affected owners by November 1 with details of the recall procedure. In the meantime, those concerned should doubly ensure that the parking brake is properly applied, especially when parking on a slope. You could prevent your Nissan Titan or Frontier from rolling away.

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