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LOS ANGELES, USA-. Something that has characterized Julius Uriah since he was born is that he has had problems in his left eyewhich is why it has been teased, as it was with amateurs of San Diego Padres.

In an interview of Julius Uriah for Los Angeles Timesthe Mexican star pitcher said that last year, a fan of the San Diego Padres, archrival team of Los Angeles DodgersI know mocked his eyeto which the Sinaloan responded.

“I gave your team everything last year and I have a ring. You have nothing. And that was with one eye, imagine if you had two,” Julio Urías replied to the San Diego fan.

Julius Uriah

This was after the Padres fans began to attack the Los Angeles Dodgers starter from Sinaloa, with boos and provocations, but the Culiacán native’s response came after they made fun of his eye.

The phrase of the memory of Julio Urías about his eye

God gave me a bad left eye, but a good left arm“, declared Julio Urías on one occasion, a phrase that became famous when the Mexican won the 2020 World Seriesas one of the figures of the Californian team.

The eye problem has not stopped Julio Urías

Although he was subjected to four surgeries in its childhooddue to a tumor ocular benign, since you cannot see well with that eye, Julius Uriah At 26, he maintains a successful career in MLB baseball, who is very close to winning the 2022 Cy Young Award of National League.

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