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The voice of Alexander Fernandez refilled even the seat farthest from the MGM Grand Garden Arenain The Vegas, Nevada, United States the night of September 15, 2022about your tour love and country.

A trumpet solo, with the stage illuminated by a dim red light, announced that the Mexican singer was about to arrive; yes, to commemorate the Independence of Mexico, but also to heal with his music the more than 10 thousand attendees who applauded and stomped their feet encouraging his presence.

A white light in the center of the stage revealed the figure of a charro: Alexander Fernandez the concert that lasted more than two hours began, a show that has already become a tradition in his career year after year; the Las Vegas public feels very close to him.

The Mexican started without much pity and very grateful to be the choice of so many, in a context where entertainment options abound.

“Tonight I want to invite you to Let music be our medicine that unites us, that fills us with joy and that fills us with great pride for all of us. I know that there are many events tonight and I really have no words to thank you for having decided to share this night with me. Thank you, I love you very much ”, it was with the message that he opened the evening.

The presentation was accompanied by mariachi, accordion and trumpets, with well-known songs by Alejandro Fernández, but also new versions of other melodies such as

Today I want you; what’s more, constant tributes to Joan Sebastian’s classics and moving moments in which he remembered his father, Vicente Fernández, “The old man”, that’s how he referred to him.

Suddenly, Alejandro took a chair and was accompanied by a trumpet, he dedicated table 20, “for all those who like a little party”. Little by little, the concert felt more intimate. Then it started with some spanking, of the disk Two worlds; gave happened to I can’t anymore song that is part of Made in Mexico and that he shares with Cristian Nodal. He also performed a couple of classics, What am I going to do with my love and what a pity, the latter together with a virtuoso accordionist.

The time has come, there are no longer any mariachis on stage, a part of the band begins to interpret the Huapango de MoncayoAlexander disappears. The attendees know it, it is the call, the Scream is about to happen.

The thousands of cell phone cameras point and illuminate like stars the center of the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The mariachi reappears and suddenly the music stops. There is the charro again, Alejandro Fernández shouts euphorically: “Mexicans… are you ready?”

The cheer for the heroes of the Independence of Mexico by the native of Guadalajara is so powerful that for a moment everyone returns to Mexico.

“Long live Mexico, you bastards!” Fernández shouted louder, put on his hat and a shower of tricolor papers ended the ceremony to continue the concert with the song by Guadalajara Y Mexico Beautiful and beloveda popular hymn by the composer Chucho Monge.

Alejandro Fernández: Legacy on stage

After the national holiday in the United States and seeing so many Mexican flags, the singer returned to the melodies that generate an atmosphere of complicity, “As if we were in the canteen,” he mentioned.

this is how it came for your goodbyeof Made in Mexico and a musical jewel by Joan Sebastian, That and more

Another of the peak moments in the concert of love and country was when Alejandro Fernández invited Alex Fernández to sing two melodies, to pay homage together to Don Vicente.

“It gives me great pride and great pleasure to sing with my son like at the beginning of my career, when I started with my father,” said the Foaly while hugging his son. They started with Divine womenthen interpreted Sorry, “a song that I sang with my father, it is a very difficult song”, Alejandro mentioned again. The complexity is evident in the notes and in the concentration that both had while images of Vicente Fernández were projected behind them.

“Now we are going to sing this song that is very difficult for me because when I came last year my father was sick, so there are many difficult memories but we are going to move this forward. The best way to celebrate life, the legacy of Mr. Vicente Fernández, I think is by singing together, everyone, all of Mexico, at the top of his lungs, his songs”, were the words with which Alejandro began a medley of hits that gave him recognition to his father, among them, By your damn love, how i forget you, Beautiful darling and to finish, The king.

Thus the concert was outlined for the end, but not before resuming songs that have made Alejandro Fernández famous and that filled the space with his powerful voice, for example, where so lonely either Like who loses a star; this last one very chanted by the assistants.

The singer from Guadalajara ended the night with I lose my voice, of Two Worlds. With the flag on the stage and the euphoria of the attendees who were able to hear the emotions of this historic concert that also felt like a tribute-thanks to Don Vicente, but also to the Mexicans who have been commemorating Independence for years with Alejandro Fernández, to travel directly to Mexico.

To know

He still has a couple of shows left in the United States, part of the tour love and country.

It will be presented on September 17 in Las Vegas and on September 18 in Pico Rivera, an important venue, because as he has stated, it was one of the places where he began to sing with his father.

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